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Giveaway winners: Did you win a license of Heimdal Pro?

T ogether with Heimda l Security we organized a giveaway in which we give 10 one year licenses of Heimdal Pro, valid for one Windows computer or device. Each license is worth 37 USD and it is valid from the moment you register your product. The licenses are given only to those who subscribed to one of our email newsletters. If you are a subscriber, you might be one of the winners. Read this article to learn if this is the case.

What is Heimdal Pro?

Heimdal Pro is a commercial security product for home users or small offices. It scans your computer for third party applications that are known to have security vulnerabilities. If any are found, Heimdal automatically updates these programs to their latest versions. Also, it analyzes the behaviour of the software installed on your computer in order to detect malware that is trying to steal data and financial information. If such programs are detected, Heimdal Pro blocks the communication between your computer and the hacker controlled servers. One last feature is that it scans your HTTP traffic in order to protect you against zero hour exploits and malicious websites.

If you would like to learn more about how it works, read our detailed review: Security for everyone - Reviewing Heimdal Pro.

The winners of a Heimdal Pro license

In order to extract the winners, we used the Random.org website. At the end of the subscription period, we had a total of 1714 subscribers, for both our email newsletters, so we extracted random numbers from 1 to 1714.

First, we extracted the 10 initial winners, which you can see below.

They will all be contacted through email, so that they receive their prizes. In all giveaways, some people don’t reply to our emails or are just not interested in the prize that we are giving away. That’s why we extracted another 3 backup winners, which will be contacted only if some of the initial winners don’t reply to our messages within a week or so.

Thank you all for entering this giveaway, for reading us on a regular basis and thanks to Heimdal Security for rewarding our subscribers.