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When designers create a game that is based on a book, a movie or even a band, there are some risks assumed - mostly that it might appeal only to the fans of that particular thing it will be based on. Today's subject is Legacy of the beast , an action-RPG that focuses on one of the legendary metal bands of our time and their mascot: Iron Maiden. Even though the musical genre is a niche one, the developers at Roadhouse Games managed to create something that will make anyone who likes these kinds of games happy - metalheads included! Read our review to get to know Legacy of the beast for Android:

Won't you come into my room

When getting to know Legacy of the beast , it's good to remember, that although the game wa s made in cooperation with the band Iron Maiden and its music is made up of their legendary hits, it doesn't really focus on them. The main character is Eddie , the band's mascot, who had many faces along the years and the albums - and you get to meet the best of them!

Legacy of the beast, Android, review, free, game, RPG

As you might not be familiar with the way Iron Maiden's albums are made up, there are some things you should know. The B ritish band just loves historical, mystical and even science-fiction themes and their albums usually have such a theme, and this rich world is fully present in Legacy of the beast.

Your main quest is to lead Eddie through many wonderful or terrible places - both historical and mystical - recover its soul that has been shattered to shards, and find out who is responsible for this calamity. Oh, and by the way, you also save the universe with some help from the Clairvoyant, who leads you through your adventures and battles.

Legacy of the beast, Android, review, free, game, RPG

The multitude of themes means that you will be adventuring through a middle-age kingdom, the land of the pharaohs, a World War II battlefield, and even the depths of hell. This doesn't only mean a changing scenery, but also a great variation of foes ranging from zombie-like creatures to hellish fiends and unearthly creations. The graphics have a somewha t dark tone since you're about to battle some really nasty things, but they still have a cartoonish feel to them.

The game certainly has a very specific atmosphere, which is strongly present everywhere, no matter the variation of backdrops. This is further enhanced by the music. I think you can guess what kind of music: yes, all tracks are the best of the beast, more precisely instrumental versions of Iron Maiden's greatest hits from albums like Powerslave, Killers, Somewhere in Time or The Number of the Beast. Not a fan? No problem! You don't need to be a devoted Maiden-maniac to enjoy the music, as the tunes are a perfect match for your battles.

Legacy of the beast, Android, review, free, game, RPG

And if we're talking about variations: as we've already mentioned, Eddie had many faces throughout the years and you will get to see the best of these. Upon the successful completion of each game chapter you will unlock a new kind of Eddie, all looking completely different and having different strengths and attacks or spells. You won't need to stick to any one of them, as you can take more than one Eddie to a battle and you can even change between his different aspects to better counter the current foes.

Of course you won't be alone on your adventures - there are many different kinds of creatures that can help you: your team may include golems, harpies, guardians, cultists and many others that you can take along. You can bring at least two teammates and different forms of Eddie to each battle, so the number of variations is practically unlimited. Both your teammates and Eddies can be of one of five classes: Warrior, Magus, Sentinel, Gunner or Assassin, each being a bit different than the other. Each class is more effective against another, which should be kept in mind when assembling your team.

Legacy of the beast, Android, review, free, game, RPG

If you have ever played a mobile action-RPG (which stands for Role-Playing Game) you might be aware of how things go: you can progress through levels by battling through waves of enemies in a turn-based battle - each of your characters has a set of moves, the basic one can be activated once without cost in every turn, while the special moves are more powerful, but have limited use. Additionally, during the battle Fury is generated - if you have enough of it, Eddie can unleash a special, devastating attack.

Battles can be completed more than once, on different difficulty settings, adding to the challenge. Also, if you complete each battle in a chapter while fulfilling three objectives on each of them, another battle will unlock, where you can get special items and resources. And of course you cannot go on to a next chapter if you don't complete all battles of the previous one. Currently there are four available chapters, a fifth one already being marked as Coming soon.

Legacy of the beast, Android, review, free, game, RPG

Each battle consists of multiple waves of enemies, each wave having usually three foes, while the last wave is a boss wave , where a much more powerful monster is part of the pack. Between battles you receive guidance from the Clairvoyant, your mysterious guide and helper - these cutscenes also develop the story of the game, as you get closer to collecting your soul's shards.

I wanna show you all my wares

No RPG would be a real RPG without stats, loot and upgrades. In Legacy of the beast , each character has an attack, a defense , a magic , a magic resistance , and a special value, each class having different strengths and weaknesses. All characters have a star level ranging from 1 to 5 and a power level - before evolving a character to the next star level, you will first have to go through all its power levels on the current star level. Powering up and evolving requires special shards, items and gold, which are randomly dropped after battles, but gold can also be bought for real money.

Legacy of the beast, Android, review, free, game, RPG

Another resource - Ironite - can be used to purchase gold, sands of time , souls or to revive your team if they fall in battle. The sands of time are the third resource besides ironite and gold, and it determines how much you can play - each battle costs a certain amount of sand of time, which is regenerated automatically over time. Souls can be used in The book of souls to get new characters for your team.

As we have already mentioned, all characters have basic and special moves, called skills. These are preset for each character, and some of them can be unlocked with special shards. You also have talismans , which are objects that can be worn by any character and provide additional bonuses to its stats. Talismans can also be powered up and evolved, just like characters.

Legacy of the beast, Android, review, free, game, RPG

As you progress through the chapters you will also receive special rewards for defeating some enemies and there is also a bonus for logging in daily. You can also add friends ingame, they are called Troopers. Each player can designate any character as his or her champion and his or her friends can use that champion once a day in a battle, which yields additional rewards.

Legacy of the beast, Android, review, free, game, RPG

The Legacy of the beast is in active development and new content is added regularly, the latest addition being Time rifts , special areas of battle that can be accessed for only a limited time but offer substantial bonuses. Also, there is a place called Arena , which will possibly be the place to fight other human opponents, but currently this feature is locked, set to be released in a future update.

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Product rating 4/5


Fans of action-RPG games are having a really good time nowadays: with the recent launch of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and the release of Maiden's Legacy of the beast there are some really high-quality free games available for Android in this genre. Iron Maiden's game brings together a fantastic and diverse world with some really badass characters and music. The game's battle mechanics are really simple to familiarize yourself with, but there are innumerable variations to your battle tactics. Although the number of stats, items, upgrades, souls and resources can be a bit mind-numbing at first, but once you get used to them, there is no stopping you from creating a powerful army that is capable of handling any evil with relative ease. The large number of different creatures and their different battle methods, along with the multiple difficulty levels and the upcoming social features make Legacy of the beast a solid contender in the world of free-to-play games on Android. Of course, life is much easier if you are willing to do microtransactions and buy some resources every now and then, but we can't say that the game's no fun if you don't spend money. So go ahead, get your soul together and save the galaxy! Just please, don't be afraid of the dark...

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