Fix Windows Explorer Annoyances in Windows 7 with Classic Shell

Many of you complained about bugs being still active in Windows Explorer, even after a lot of time since the Windows 7 launch. We read your complaints and we tried to find fixes for them. Today, we are happy to present a free tool called Classic Shell, which can help you fix some of the most annoying bugs in Windows Explorer: the jumping folders in the navigation pane and the missing sorting headers in list view. Also, it can replace the navigation arrows introduced by Windows Vista with the crosses and lines from Windows XP era.

Classic Shell Installation

First go to its Sourceforge project page, to download the latest version and launch it's installation program.

When installing it, make sure you select only the modules you need. If you are interested only in fixing Windows Explorer, select Classic Explorer and uncheck the other modules. Also, don't forget to leave the 'Create a start menu folder' option checked. Without it, there won't be any Start Menu shortcuts to use for configuring this tool.

Classic Shell - Windows Explorer

Once this is done, press Next until the installation finishes. When finished, it opens a readme file with information about the features included in the tool. You can read it to find more about the tool and its features.

Configuring Windows Explorer Settings

Now it is time configure the Windows Explorer settings, the way you want them. Go to the Start Menu and click on Classic Shell -> Explorer Settings.

Classic Shell - Windows Explorer

The Settings window is now open. In the Basic Settings tab, check the changes you want enabled in Windows Explorer. Some settings you might not want to miss are regarding the Navigation pane style and the Auto-navigate to the selected folder.

From the whole list of settings, I strongly recommend you NOT to Disable breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs are a very useful navigation tool in Windows Explorer.

Classic Shell - Windows Explorer

Once you are happy with the settings you made, click OK. You are notified that the new settings will take effect when you open Windows Explorer again. Click OK.

Classic Shell - Windows Explorer

If Windows Explorer is already open, close it and open it again.

Enjoy the Improved Windows Explorer

Below you can see a screenshot of Windows Explorer after applying the settings I wanted. My favorite settings where to enable back the Windows XP navigation style, with pluses and lines, instead of the triangles introduced with Windows Vista.

Classic Shell - Windows Explorer

Also, Windows Explorer no longer jumps folders in the navigation pane like it used to, forcing me to scroll up.


Before closing this article, I recommend you to go to the Classic Shell's webpage to find out about other useful modules and fixes (not only for Windows Explorer). There you will be able to get in contact with the developer and also support his work via a small donation.

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