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  1. modou says:

    i am having a start up problem i did at of the above but still to no avail…

    • Ciprian says:

      Can you please explain the problem in more detail?

      • Anonymous says:

        when i start up my Windows7, after loading for the Starting Windows then a blue screen will appers then disapper after the system will reboot authmatically. Then a screen with appaer with 2 options: 1-Lanuch startup Repair. 2-Start windows Normally
        I select the launch startup Repair, then it will start to bring a startup Repair Checking Computer. when thats is done then a message will comes saying that windows cannot repair this computer automatically, then it will shut down…so can you please help me…

        • Maximilian says:

          We recommend to run Startup Repair two or three times. If the problem remains it is obvious that it cannot be solved with this tool. It is possible that you have a missing or corrupt file.

  2. Emil says:

    Hi, many mention Windows 7 when telling of this feature.

    If being more specific, in which versions of Windows 7 can we expect this to be included on the harddisk?

    • Ciprian says:

      It is not version specific. You should have these tools on all, as all need a way to recover/repair your system.

  3. praveen says:


    When ever I start my PC it goes to start repart, sytem recovery, command promt some seven options. I clicked on start up repair then it repairs and then restarts and goes to the same thing again. Can you help me in getting started windows normally. Opering sytem is windows 7. I required this help ASAP. Thanks a lot in advance.


  4. Honey says:

    Just a word of thanks for this tut and all the other great tutorials on this site. They’ve helped me a lot.

  5. Juan says:

    After I was inform by MS that my computer was infected, they advised to use start up repair.I follow all the procedures, I was ask to download the program and make a copy of start up and rebut my com7puter using the copy of start up. since I used start up I was not able to rebut my computer. Start up repair can not repair my computer automatically, Do any one can help me; what I can do to rebut my computer. I use Window 7.

  6. Duane Ediger says:

    I have two computers with Windows 7 Home Premium. On both of them, when I go to “Recovery” and “System Restore” through Control Panel, I do NOT get the “System Recovery Options” dialogue box which is the first screen capture of this article. I can find no way to access something called “startup repair” on either computer.

  7. zara says:

    Hello, What if system restore doesn’t work? The diagnosis and repair details states there is 1 root cause but it cannot be found. I have done a restore back to the earliest available date to no prevail. I have done a memory diagnostics test but end up with the same start up repair message.

    • Don says:

      I have the same problem. Startup repair is useless except for the simplest problems. System Restore does not work regardless of date selected.

      Tools are useless. Must do clean install and then re-install every freaking program.

      Insult to injury, Microsoft Office counts the re-install as one of the licences. FML! and FMS!

  8. Hugo Rasmussen says:

    What to do when you have stopped repairing at ‘Don’t send’ – reboot to Command prompt – writing sfc /scannow etc. and then get the information:
    Can not do operation – System repair pending – awaiting reboot!.
    Needless to say messages comes at every try.

  9. Meadie says:

    I have a password on my pic & when I put in my password it says user profile failed & could not be loaded! I can get into safe mode & tried changed password & systems restore & it didn’t work! PLEASE help!!!!!!!!! I do not have a backup disk cause I didn’t know I needed to do that. I tried to create one in safe mode but it wouldn’t let me. I’m going crazy trying to figure this out!!! Thank you if you can help me.

  10. darwin says:

    can someone help me with “bxivy is compressed” start-up boot failure

  11. Arunava Bhowal says:

    When I start my PC with windows 7 64bit. The system srartup recovery page comes,, and after a short scanning it notifies that windows can not recover system automatically. What should I do now ?

  12. prince says:

    Hi my problem windows 8.1 it remains in start. I tried to press recover be for the problem start. Now it stops at welcome. Windows could not complite installation To install windows on this computer restart installation. And I can’t do any thing except f10

  13. Luke Johnson says:

    The only option that it gives me is startup repair and I’m stuck in a continues loop and no tutorial helps someone please help

  14. ian anthony anguay says:

    same here, startup repair stucks in loop can anyone help me pls…

  15. Aaron H says:

    My Dell windows 7 (64-bit computer) often says something about its missing the MBR system file or something like that and just recently I got the BSOD. And now my computer tries to fix itself using the startup repair feature and it can’t repair and it keeps shutting down. What should I do to fix this problem and use my computer again?

  16. Nidha says:

    after startup vrepair, my system is often getting rebooted.. I can’t fix the problem.. please help me

  17. Ruby says:

    Received the “your computer was unable to start” message, clicked response, “start up repair ” message appeared and am now unable to use mouse, keyboard or anything to cilick ‘restore”, how am i meant to move on from here?

  18. Jeff H. says:

    Why isn’t anyone from “digitalcitizen.life responding to these cries for help?!!? I too, am having a startup problem.

  19. Smit Parekh says:

    I m too much tired it doesn’t startup repait

  20. Julie says:

    Toshiba windows 7, I press start, a quick blue page comes up with PC problem, then automatically goes into repair. However after that nothing happens. I’ve tried going into safe mode by pressing f8 key but still nothing. Can anyone help me please?

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