5 replies on Experimenting With Natural Language Search In Windows 7 Searches

  1. Mary says:

    Your results on the cat photos do not surprise me. Unless you had either used the word, cat, in the file title or tagged the photo with the word, “cat,” I don’t understand how you would expect Windows to index the content of a graphic.

    • Marte Brengle says:

      As I mentioned, I had at least 20 photos properly tagged or named as “cat.” Some of them showed up in previous searches, as a matter of fact.

  2. Mary says:

    Were the folders in which they were placed have those properties checked and in My Pctures?. Could it be that the those properties have to appear in the headers of the folder? What do you think caused the files with generic titles to appear in the list? I assume you did click on more results. Are graphic files considered indexed files. Can you easily locate them with an alternative search tool? There must be a reason. I am not a fan either natural language or of Win 7 searching.

    • Marte Brengle says:

      I don’t keep my graphic images in My Pictures, so I set up the index to include all the folders in which I do keep graphic images. The files with generic titles are photographs that I did not rename, but did change the metadata to include the word “cat.”

      If there are no results shown, clicking on “Show more results” gives you a Windows Explorer page with a message that no items match your search.

      As you may have noticed, I’m not much of a fan of Natural Language either, since using the query language gives me much more relevant results.

  3. Sam Young says:

    Hi there, I gave up with MS Windows native search and bought a separate piece of kit to search with. It is FANTASTIC and enables me to do tiered searches once more. Go to http://goffconcepts.com/products/filesearchex/index.html

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