Enhance The Lock Screen Of Your Windows Phone With Tetra Lockscreen

As a Windows Phone user you have access to a beautiful default lock screen on your smartphone. Furthermore, its default appearance can be personalized in many ways and there are a few apps available for that in the Store. Not too long ago, we looked at Microsoft's Live Lock Screen app and the features it offers for customizing our phones' lock screens. Soon after that, the guys at Microsoft Garage released another lock screen app, called Tetra Lockscreen. This is the first Windows Phone app that lets users add widgets to their lock screens and we were really anxious to see how it works. If you are too, read on to find out!

Why Use The Tetra Lockscreen App For Windows Phone?

Tetra Lockscreen lets you customize your Windows Phone's lock screen by offering the following features:

  • You can set your lock screen to display up to 4 widgets, each with its own functionality. These widgets can be used directly from the lock screen.
  • You can select any image from your phone to use as a background for the lock screen.
  • The date, time and all the other notifications are displayed on the lock screen.

Unlike the Live Lock Screen app, the Tetra Lockscreen is not in beta stage. Also, there haven't been any important reports about bugs or annoying lags. We also didn't encounter any and we've used this app for more than a week, on three different Windows Phone devices.

Where To Get The Tetra Lockscreen App For Windows Phone?

You can download and install the Tetra Lockscreen app from the Windows Phone Store. You can either search for it in the Store, or you can click this link: Tetra Lockscreen.

We need to point out that, at the time this article was written, the Tetra Lockscreen app isn't available worldwide. We know that it is available in the US and Canada versions of the Windows Phone Store. If you don't see the Tetra Lockscreen app in your Store, change your Windows Phone region to one of these countries and search for the app again. If you need help in changing the region used by your Windows Phone, check this tutorial: How to Change the Country & Region Used by Windows Phone 8.

How To Configure The Tetra Lockscreen App?

After you've installed the Tetra Lockscreen app, open the Apps view on your Windows Phone and start the app.

When you open it for the first time, the Tetra Lockscreen app will ask you if you want to use it to set the lock screen of your Windows Phone. Tap yes to do so.

The app is loaded and you'll see its Settings screens. The first one is the lockscreen settings screen.

The Settings screen offers a few interesting options:

The first is the Background used by the app. If you wish to change the background, tap change photo and select an image from your phone, your OneDrive or your Facebook account.

Once you've selected an image, you'll have to crop it to match your phone's resolution. Then tap done and the background used by the app is set.

Below the Background section, you can choose the widgets that will be displayed on the lock screen: Agenda, Current Location, Activity Tracker and Stopwatch. We'll talk in detail about each of these widgets in the following section of this article.

Next, on the lockscreen settings screen, you'll find two buttons:

  • The first one is a register/unregister lockscreen button, which you can use to enable or disable the Tetra lock screen.
  • The second one is called about and it offers information regarding the Tetra Lockscreen app and its credits.

The second Settings screen of the Tetra Lockscreen app is called widgets. To access it, flick to the right or to the left.

Here, you can set how each of the widgets will work. For example, you can set the Calendar widget to only use the data from your Outlook account, but not from your Google or Facebook accounts.

How Will Your Lock Screen Look & Work When Using The Tetra Lockscreen App?

In the screenshot below you can take a look at how your Windows Phone lock screen may look if you choose to use the Tetra Lockscreen app.

However, in the screenshot above, you've seen only how the lock screen will look when no widget is active. To start any widget, just tap its icon on the lock screen.

When you activate a widget, things change quite a bit, so let's take a look at what each of these widgets has to offer:

  • Agenda - will display the upcoming events from your calendars. If you flick to the right or to the left, you will also get a peek at what is scheduled to happen in the morning, afternoon, evening and overnight.
  • Current Location - this widget will show your location and nearby events, if any. You can also pan and zoom the map if you wish so.
  • Stopwatch - this is self explanatory. You can use it to time events and it includes lap functionality. That means you can record intermediate timings. To do that, tap the plus button. Note that, once started, the Stopwatch also works when the phone's screen is off.
  • Activity Tracker - displays statistics like the steps you took, the distance you've travelled or the approximate number of calories you've burned. Note that this widget is only available if your smartphone supports Nokia SensorCore. Currently, the phones that support this feature are the following Lumia models: 630, 635, 730, 735, 830, 930, Icon and 1520.

Do You Like The Tetra Lockscreen App?

We know we do. And there are already many other Windows Phone users that like this app. However, there are things that we think could be added to further enhance this app. First of all, we would really like to see Microsoft combine the functions offered by the Tetra Lockscreen and Live Lock Screen and offer one app that does all the things that these two apps can do. That would be something! What do you think?