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  1. Art says:

    In Windows Live Movie Maker I would like to learn how to make my music videos synchronize to one volume level? The problem I’m having is that when I pull music video from YouTube, edit them on WLMM and then burn the videos on to DVD, each music video are at different volume levels. Does WLMM have a way to synchronize the total project to one volume level?


    • Jack says:

      Hi Art – Thanks for reading.

      What you’re trying to do sounds simple, but in reality, it’s not. In it’s most simple terms, what you are asking is whether you can NORMALIZE the audio in your videos so that a certain Db threshold isn’t exceeded. For example, you could have all your videos normalized at -3 Db, which, in theory, should help prevent one video from being dramatically louder than the next. For this, you could use a program like Audacity (free), but you’d have to separate out the audio and then mix it back down, which is kind of a pain.


      You can also usually introduce normalization when burning DVDs. I don’t believe that Windows DVD maker has this feature–which program do you use?

      But what’s really at issue here is that there are lots of moving parts here that are going to impact how “loud” each video sounds upon burning, and not all of them are under your control.

      First and foremost, the issue is that when people shoot/encode/upload YouTube videos, they’ll be doing so with varying types and quality of hardware and software. At any point during the authoring, mixing down or encoding of the original video BEFORE it was uploaded to YouTube, there could have been noise or other quality issues introduced that can affect how loud it seems upon playback.

      So, what I’m saying is that normalizing–either before you add them to your Winodws Live Movie Maker project (via Audacity) or while you burn them to a DVD will help but it won’t fix it 100%–not by a long shot.

      You’re best off sourcing your material from somewhere more consistent than YouTube. Barring that, I think you’re just going to have to use what you’ll learn about normalizing and do some trial and error in order to determine what will sound best in real life

  2. Andrea says:

    I am new to this movie maker and can’t figure out why my mouth is not moving correctly with my words. (when you view it/me) And, my voice is higher pitched than normal. I thought it maybe had to do with the speed of the video, but I have no option in the edit section to adjust the speed. Every tutorial talks about this and shows a screen shot, but my “speed” option doesn’t exist at all. Can you help? I can’t go on and post it like it is!!! It sounds/looks silly. Thanks.

  3. Ingvild says:

    I have recorded a video, but when I want to use it in Windows Live Movie Maker, it only gives me the sound (the picture is just white with an X in it, showing that it’s broken or something). That’s okay, because as a matter of fact, I only need the sound of the video. But there’s my problem; how do I put the video in the sound line? If it’s even possible, of course. So I could have a picture in the visual line instead. I could do this in WMM, but not in Live?

  4. Peggy says:

    I have a long (11 minute) video that I want to take out various sections to make an eventually shorter video. I have just discovered Movie Maker and have been reading tutorials but can’t figure out how to remove sections of the video.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Read the section Splitting and Trimming Clips of this tutorial. You simply need to split it into shorter videos and delete the parts you do not want to have in the final version.

      • Maggie says:

        Once you split the clips how and where do you save them , I don’t want to delete the clip just separate them !

  5. sarah says:

    When I speed up a movie, it seems to cut off the end bit for some reason and it’s annoying me quite a bit. >.<

    • Brian says:

      its happening to me also, how do you fix this?

    • Leah Dunnigan says:

      This happens to me too all the time. But sometimes when i publish the movie it goes back to the way i want it. It doesn’t do this all the time but i would really like an answer on how to permanently fix it.

  6. jay says:

    after inserting the clips and playing the edit video there is a short pause between the clips. how can I run it without the short pauses.


    • Daniel says:

      I had this problem also, but I published a test movie, and this is only temporary. when you save it as a movie file, the short pauses will not be there.

      • hEATHER says:

        I have a problem sort of like this. I cannot play my video in order to edit it while it is in the timeline. I have edited together so far 12 mins of video, and it seems like the larger the file gets, it doesn’t want to work anymore. I can’t even preview the end of my movie because the video will not play, therefore I cannot edit it either. The sound and music still play normally, but the preview screen where the video should play is black and the cursor running over the timeline freezes still. Even when I ‘x’ out of the program, the music keeps playing!! HELP!

  7. Marlena says:

    Thank you so much for your tip on combining video clips!! I have been trying everything for a few hours. This only took a minute. Like you said, no easy way to join clips, but this worked and was better than nothing!

  8. Alpha Patricia says:

    I would like to ask, if it’s possible to add multiple pictures on one clip?

  9. Csupastar says:

    Hi, I have a video that is 15:35 and everytime that I try to save it as a movie, it loads up until 69% and then stops…I can’t cut anything out of it to make it shorter…any advice?!?

    • Karl says:

      I have the exact same problem….loading clips from a GoPro HD as mg4’s….it gets to 69% and stops. What should I do. Csupastar…did you get an answer?

  10. mike says:

    hi, i want to make video game playthroughs to post on my youtube account, problem is i have a 19 minute video and no idea how to make it into two shorter videos without removing any footage from the videos. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  11. elisar says:

    how can i edit video that is out of sync. the video and audio is out of sync that’s what i mean.

  12. Scott Segraves says:

    Often, as soon as I insert a clip into Moviemaker (sometimes, after I do my first Split) I get a message that the program is shutting down but never get word on what was wrong. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  13. Perii says:

    Please, help me! I have a question… I am in the process of making a music video, i had to combine two videos and once i did that and put the transitions to make it look right i put the song on audio and some parts were not in sync so i just deleted it and decided ill put the first video and audio together, save it, and then put the second video and audio together, save it, and then just combine them with the music already on it.. well there’s a problem micro soft windows movie maker wont let me import a video that i made on there.. how do i import videos i made on micro soft windows movie maker so that i can combine them..?

    • Ed Raftery says:

      I have a folder containingpreviously edited video – Type of File – Windows Live Movie Maker Project (.wimp) opening with Windows Live Movie M 9(rest hidden behind another box). When I open Windows live Movie maker it refuses these files – Solution?

  14. Cherry tiger says:

    I put pictures in the timeline and I want to cut them at a certain time to fit the music. Yet for some reason, when I click on the edit section, the option to split, cut or even trim the pictures on this new timeline is not available. Is there any way to fix this problem?

  15. coeroedt says:

    Do it have timeline in movie maker live like the old version of movie maker?
    in the old version, we can arrange how long the item are shown.. we can put it slow or quick… how we can do that in the new version? coz it help me a lot for time managing…

    second, can we put two text in the same time?

  16. Jeff says:

    I would like to have a video clip play the audio straight through while I actually show some other video clips over the top of the audio. Can Windows Live Moviemaker do that?

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      You should be able to do that. Look at our tutorials on Windows Live Movie Maker to find out how it works.

  17. Erica says:

    i’ve created videos many times and no problems, however today when i created a video to upload to youtube, it would not transfer my file when i said save as movie. I tried multiple times and what happens is it says “Windows live movie maker is not responding.” I dont know what to do

  18. hunter says:

    Hi i wanted to extract audio from one video and fix into other video by using windows live movie maker. Can you please help me out how to take that audio and place into other video.

  19. Ali says:

    Hey, I tried making some edited videos for YouTube,when I made my first video the video itself did not have any audio, as I recorded it with the audio recording setting off. I edited the video and uploaded it with a separate music soundtrack and that worked fine, but for the next series of videos I tried to edit their original audio was not moved into Movie maker. Why cant I get the original audio into Movie Maker?

  20. Tory says:

    Please help! I need to overlap a picture and video for a ghost scene. It’s for my media arts project but since this doesn’t have a time line I’m finding it impossible :/ should I give up or is there a way?

  21. Jude says:

    Ii am new to movie maker and only used imovie before. I cna’t seem to figure out how to remove clips I don’t want… or remove part of one and part of another… ideas? solutions?

  22. sarah says:

    i want to know what to do i want to take sound out of a video and put in a different voice??

  23. sage50110 says:

    Hello. I’ve just finished splitting a movie in order to upload it to YouTube but when I try to save it, it’s only saving about 6kb and not the whole thing. Also I’d like to save it in parts: Title:part1, Title:part2, etc. I’ve looked all over to find how to do that and I’m stumped. Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

  24. Ro says:

    I am new at windows movie maker. I just wanne know how can I add a channel logo in the corner of every frame of the film

  25. Christine Vuong says:

    I’m not used to the 2011 Movie Maker. I’m used to the 08 version. There’s a part in the audio I don’t want in my video, how do I cut it out?

  26. Nazeel Fuward says:

    Can you please tell me how to add videos and photos beside the credits on Windows Live Movie Maker??

  27. Dan says:

    I am trying to sync my photos to my music so I have a certain part of a song with a different photo. How do I do that manually? I tried using the auto-video and it put the photos in the wrong place and not where I want them in the song.

  28. Emma Sage Johsnon says:

    Okay, so I made this music video and i made sure that my mouth went along with the words perfectly. Then i replayed it and everything was off. It seems as though when I click in the middle of the movie it changes where the music is.

  29. Tim says:


    Could you please tell me how to mesh clips together? As one clip draws to an end, I want the following clip to begin playing before the first one has come to a complete end. That way there isn’t a sharp stop and go between clips. Please tell me there is a way to do this in Windows Live Movie Maker. It would really be a shame it newer versions are less capable than older ones.


  30. Karen says:

    Hi! I a new to this totally!! I have a series of short video messages that I have uploaded. The problem is everything is how I want it except the video messages overlap by a tiny bit. I would like to know how to make a short pause/gap between them so the whole video message is played 🙂

  31. Riley says:

    Hi, I am trying to make narrations on Windows Live Movie Maker but it won’t let me do several at a time, like different tracks playing at the same time. Every time i try this it cuts out the first narration selected and its driving me crazy. Any advice would be amazingly appreciated 🙂

  32. Andy says:

    I have a video in windows movie maker length of 37 minutes. I wish to add a music track of 4 minutes and make to video fit this length of soundtrack, ie: speed it up.
    I have read so many websites, but still dont know how to do it.
    Can anyone give me basic instructions please.

  33. Charlotte says:

    URGENT! I am adding music to the START of my video. How do i cut it off at the point where the video actually starts?

  34. Lars Agerbæk says:

    I wan’t to overlay pictures in my video without the sound stopping. This means I don’t want to split the movie but just overlay the picture and have the sound continue.. How do I do that? and why can’t I access the audio mix??

  35. Marissa says:

    When I import a video clip, only a fraction of the clip is able to be viewed. I can split the clip and get more of the video, but this is difficult to judge and to continue doing in order to get the full work. What can I do to get all of the video?

  36. alex says:

    how do i take 1 audio from my video and place it on a new one?

  37. hEATHER says:

    my video freezes at the end of playback while editing. the music and sound play normally, but the preview screen goes black, and the timeline cursor freezes and there is no video. i published the video and it plays perfect, but for some reason while i am editing it, it won’t play the end of my video. it pauses twice during the video for a second or two before it completely freezes too. HELP!!

  38. Jeffrey Langlois says:

    I just wanted to say I found how to have audio from one video (a-roll) run behind audio from another video (b-roll) and without using any third-party software. Open your a-roll clip, with the cursor at the beginning click on “Add Audio” and choose “add music at the current point…” In the file browser screen on the bottom right choose “Audio and Video.” This will make your videos appear, choose your a-roll and click “Open.” This will add an audio track of your a-roll to your video. You can now split your video and add b-roll over the original audio. Both tracks, your a-roll and b-roll, are heard together. On the “Edit” menu double-click either the video or the audio track and you can edit volume independent of each other. There still appears to be some syncing needed if you drop your b-roll and go back to your a-roll but this should get most people started. Hope this helps

  39. Tera says:

    I just made a sports slideshow. I have picture stills and then video. Is there a way to have the audio from the video come through the music….still hearing the music but the audio louder. I want to be able to hear the crowd cheer during a touchdown but still want the music played in the backround. Thanks!

  40. Walt says:

    Can you please explain how to join clips?

  41. Margaret says:

    I have added two audio clips with no problem. They were are the beginning of the audios. I just want a clip at the end of the third audio, but I’ve not been able to do it. How do I clip at the end on Windows Movie Maker? I would really appreciate someone advising me on this. Thank you.

  42. CAROLINE says:

    Hello, I am new to Movie Maker and the issue I have is with the sound. I have imported pictures and videos but cannot get the sound on for the videos (although the sound is recorded when listening to the video as a separated file on the computer) – can somebody help? Thanks 🙂

  43. Michelle says:

    I made a video including music with a speed of x16 which I was delighted with. However when I saved the project as a movie the speed of my video was much faster and looked ridiculous. Any suggestions on how to stop this happening when I save projects?

  44. Julia says:

    Sometimes when I make my videos with my friends our voices are all high pitched and we have to start all over. Can someone help me to change that? Thanks so much!

  45. Hailey says:

    Hey I was wondering how can you get the timeline like how it was in Windows Movie Maker 2008 I’m more use to that format not this one.

  46. Benjamin says:


    I’d like to intercut shots of various angles from a scene and use the audio from the first shot throughout. Is this possible in movie maker? Thank you for your time.

  47. Jeffrey Langlois says:

    Benjamin, you can. Once you have all your audio from the first shot you can save just the audio then add it as “music.” You can then edit the clips and the audio will stay the same through your movie.

  48. Lizzy Line says:

    hello 🙂
    Im just on the verge of converting my windows movie maker to a compatible file with youtube. (Wmv.)
    i have a few pictures on the video and then the actual footage.
    the pictures and audio play accordingly but the video footage all the way through only shows a cm strip at the top of the video, the rest is blank screen. it plays fine in windows movie maker but nothing else? please help!!

  49. Pramiti says:

    I made a video using Windows Live Movie Maker, but now I want to edit it and add new photos to it. But the timeline doesn’t show the clips I used before, instead it just shows repeats of the first clip, fitting the entire length of the video. How do I get to see the clips again so I can rearrange them?

  50. Carolyne Swayze says:

    I recorded a music video. The audio is good but not the video. How do I freeze one frame of the video but let the audio play all the way through?

  51. mohammed Suhail says:

    when I saved using this software the video is not see. Though the saved file is MP4 it plays as if it is a mp3 file

  52. cindy says:

    i have problems too! i love how movie maker works but in the end my video doesn’t fit my computer’s monitor perfectly there are black background behind my movie. how to fix this?

  53. Robert says:

    windows movie maker on windows 7 my movie maker always records to MP4 file file which not play on my TV how can I change the file?M

  54. erica concepcion says:

    How can i save a save on my iphone, a movie from my movie maker which i have deleted clips off my phone?

  55. Gerald Lewis says:

    I have 7 hours of old home movies on one DVD. They are out of sequence and cover eras from the 1920s to date. I would like to split them into maybe 10 separate DVDs arranged by topics and dates, Can I do this on Movie Maker? If so, how?

  56. Cornelis says:

    The tutorial is quite clear. However when I produce a movie I get one or two horizontal lines over the pictures. Not on all of them, it can be one, a few nothing and than again one or a few. I disable not necessary processes, like Dropbox, but more than that I do not know. Who has a tip?

  57. Ashley says:

    When I add in transitions between my edited clips so that it flows smoothly, it cuts off the end of the audio in the previous clip. Why does this happen and what can I do?

  58. Fay says:

    When I try to split frames on my software it deletes the rest of the video. how do I fix this?

  59. Dorann says:

    So I am trying to split my video at certain points in my song, the split tab will not allow for me to split. I’ve done it a previous videos, so I am wondering if there’s anyway around this? I really don’t want to start the creation of my video all over again. Thank you!

  60. Peter Seybold says:

    I have completed the first draft of my video movie and stored it on a USB stick. When I went to use the stick on my other computer , everything was ok to view the full video. However I was unable to view the individual clips so I can do some further editing. All the clips just show as one single clip picture. How can I get the individual clip pictures to show again so I can continue editing?

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