15 replies on Does the 64-bit Version of Internet Explorer 9 Deliver Better Browsing Performance?

  1. Jerry says:

    IE ten is now out. Are you going to test it? I am wondering if it is only for win8? In which case maybe you’ll want to wait until win8 is commercially available?

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      IE 10 is still in development. It is going to be launched together with Windows 8. It should be made available to Windows 7 users as well. It would be stupid of Microsoft not to do this.

      • john3347 says:

        “It would be stupid of Microsoft not to do this.”

        Is Microsoft not famous for making stupid decisions?

        • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

          They had their share of mistakes. I really don’t think they will make this specific mistake. 🙂

  2. The dutchman says:

    I was forced to use IE9 for several month when one of my computers crashed. I could not download IE8 off the INet. Mircosoft blocked it ever attempt.

    Frankly, I reloaded Win7 32 OEM which had IE8 on it and was very happy to see it.

    What is this all about. Watching Mircosoft fight with itself is like watching the republican primary.

    the Dutchman

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Microsoft no longer offers support for IE8 on Windows 7. That’s why you can’t find it. You really like IE8 over IE9? I’m so surprised to read this.

      And… glad to have you back as an active reader. 😀

    • john3347 says:

      I was, and still am, very angry because I had IE9 hidden in the update roster and somehow IE9 got installed anyway. I could not find IE8 that would install on a Windows 7 computer either. I finally performed a Windows 7 upgrade to Windows 7 with the same DVD that originally installed Windows 7 on my computer. Guess what? IE does not install in an upgrade install because I still had IE9 after the upgrade. It really makes me mad that I am going to have to go through all the format and reload procedure to get rid of the trash IE9. If I have to do a format, I will do it with a Windows XP CD and get rid of all the fake glamor and instability of Windows 7. Dammit Microsoft, I don’t want IE9 on my computer.

      • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

        Why do you want IE 8 on your computer but not IE9?

        Search for “uninstall internet explorer” on our website. I think we have a tutorial published somewhere on our website.

        • john3347 says:

          To start with I am 71 years old and have been using computers since the mid ’80s and have been using Internet Explorer since just a couple of years or so after that. I am accustomed to finding a certain function or certain control in a certain area on the desktop. When everything is moved with no reason to move things all it does is make me search for 15 to 30 seconds for a function or command that would only take a few milliseconds to execute if they would leave things alone. This seconds wasted looking for the location of the “switch” makes IE9 VERY inefficient. It is also less stable than IE8 requiring frequent closing and reopen Internet Explorer Browser. Functions that are available in IE8 are simply not available in IE9 – for instance the easy right click procedure to create a shortcut to an open website. IE9 is just a screwed up poor, and inefficient design and is less stable than IE8. That is why I refuse to accept IE9 on my computer. All the newer applications that are adopting the !@#$%^& Ribbon system also fall into this same category. They are quite inefficient because common people (that God made so many of) spend far more time hunting for the command to do what they want to do with a ribbon than they would spend doing it with a drop down or fly out menu system that is organized intuitively. I frequently find myself waiting and waiting for some notification that I have found at the top of the screen for the past 25 years or so now pop up at the bottom of the screen. I may wait for several seconds for a download to start while all the time it is waiting for me to tell it to go ahead in a tiny bar at the bottom. I have already told it to download (verb) the download (noun) and there is no reason for it to ask me again – especially in a location that I do not expect. IE9 Stinks!!!!!!

          • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

            Maybe we can help. Why don’t you write certain questions you have about IE 9 (things you don’t find, things that annoy you, etc) and maybe we can publish some articles to help you out. I think this is only a problem of training. For me, IE 9 is the first Internet Explorer I liked in years if not the last decade.

            But only if you want to.

          • Chuckyd says:

            john3347 It will be the “common people” who are left standing after the more intelligent people destroy the world as we know it.

  3. Ramesh Iyer says:

    Besides the inherent pros and cons of both versions of this web browser, it appears that Microsoft itself doesn’t want users to use the 64-bit version as their primary / default browser. If you check Tools->Internet Options->Programs right on top you’ll find a statement “Internet Explorer (64-bit) cannot be your default browser”. Wonder what one is supposed to conclude from this statement. Does it imply that IE9 is a WIP, or too unstable to be one’s mainstay, or is just provided on 64-bit Windows OSs as an adornment 🙂

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      This option is not provided because, when IE 9 was launched, there were no 64-bit plugins and add-ons. They were released only after IE 9 was released.

      • Ramesh Iyer says:

        Point taken. But, the 64-bit version of IE9 still shows the statement I mentioned earlier. Surely MSFT could have removed it subsequently in one of their customary Patch Tuesdays. BTW, I have observed that even now, very few people use the 64-bit IE9, and continue to use the 32-bit one. Moreover, most browser security software from popular firms like Symantec, Kaspersky, McAfee, still don’t have plugins for the 64-bit IE9.
        To my knowledge the recently released 64-bit Opera 12.01 is the only web browser in the true 64-bit genre, though even Opera too lacks protection from IS s/w.

    • john3347 says:

      Perhaps, just maybe, Microsoft is realizing that the computer world as a whole is just not ready for 64 bit this and 64 bit that. They also quite wisely advise “do not install Office 2010 64 bit unless you have specific need for the additional capabilities of the 64 bit version”. This general advice is good advice all the way from operating system through every application and add on you may consider. If you don’t need 64 bit, you don’t need 64 bit!

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