Create, Edit, Save & Share a Document with Office for Windows Phone 8

The Office app for Windows Phone 8 is a good tool for viewing documents while on the go and for doing quick editing. In this tutorial I will show how to create a Word document on your smartphone, how to edit and format existing documents and how to share them via e-mail with your friends or co-workers. Here's how it all works:

How to Create a New Word Document in Windows Phone 8

Start by opening the Office hub. Then, if not already there, go to the recent screen.

On the bottom menu, tap the new button.

The New screen opens. Choose Word from the blank document section. If you would rather use one of the available templates, that's OK too. Feel free to select any of them.

You'll now see the Word document editing screen, where you can write the content of the document.

Use the keyboard to type what you need to have inside the document.

How to Edit a Word Document in Windows Phone 8

If you want to format some of the text you've written, start by selecting it. To do that, tap at the beginning of the text you want to edit and then drag the blue markers until you select everything you want to format.

Next, tap the edit button on the bottom menu.

Once you have tapped edit, some of the buttons displayed in the menu will change. Instead of edit, there is a new button named format. Tap on it.

A new screen opens, where you will find several text formatting options: Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough and also Increase/Decrease the font size.

Furthermore, you can also Highlight or change the Font color for the selected text.

NOTE: You can also choose to format the text before you write it. Tap the Format button, apply the style(s) you want and start typing. The text will be formatted accordingly.

How to Search in a Word Document in Windows Phone 8

If you need to find a phrase or just a word inside the current document, tap the Find button.

The Search bar opens, where you can enter the phrase/word you want to search for. Once you have entered the keyword(s), tap Enter and you will be taken to the first occurrence of the text you entered.

If you want to continue the search and find the next element that matches your query, tap Next.

How to Add a Comment in a Word Document in Windows Phone 8

You can add comments to any element found in a document, no matter if it's a piece of text, a picture or something else. To do this, first tap anywhere on the screen so that the bottom menu shows up. Then, tap Edit.

Tap the element where you want to add your comment and then tap Comment, on the bottom menu.

Type the comment you want to add and, when done, type anywhere outside the comment. Office will automatically save it.

Next time you or someone with whom you shared the document tap this text, the comment you wrote will show up.

If you want to jump through the comments inside a document, you can use the left and right arrows from the bottom menu. These buttons are shown only when accessing a comment.

NOTE: The first time you add a comment, Office asks for your name, so that the other people with whom you share the document will know who added the comment.

Type your name and type save.

How to Save a Word Document in Windows Phone 8

To save a document in Office, first tap the more button, from the bottom menu.

Then, tap Save to save the document with its initial name or Save as if you want to save it using a different name or location.

If you choose Save as, Office will open the Save Document? screen. Here you can choose the document's name and the location where it will be stored.

When done setting the appropriate name and location, tap save.

How to Send a Word Document Using Email, in Windows Phone 8

If you want to share your document with others, Office for Windows Phone 8 can do it for you, right from the document itself.

Open the document you want to share and tap the more button. From the list of displayed options, choose share.

The Send From screen opens, where you see the e-mail accounts you've added on your phone. Select the account you'd like to use for sharing the document.

Add the person to whom you want to send the document, then write a message and a subject. When done, tap the Send button found on the bottom menu.


As you can see, viewing, editing and sharing Word documents can be done relatively easily with the Office app in Windows Phone 8. It doesn't include the complex features from its PC version but it has all you need for quick editing while on the go.
If you have used the Office app, don't hesitate to share your experience with us. Does it help you be more productive when using your smartphone? Are there any features you would like included in a future version of this app?