The complete guide to playing music with Cortana and Groove Music, in Windows 10

One of the most "entertaining" features of Cortana is that she can play your music whenever and wherever you want her to, through the Groove Music app in Windows 10. She can play all your music or just the songs you want, she is able to pause, stop or resume music playing, and she can even respect your guilty pleasure of listening to Spice Girls' "Wannabe" song. You know… that song you love but are ashamed to admit it. :) Here's how to ask Cortana to play the music you want, on any computer or device with Windows 10:

A few i mportant things you should know about Cortana

Before you can ask Cortana to play music, you need to be aware of the following:

You should also keep in mind that Cortana is learning new things every day, so the list of music commands that we'll show in the next section of this article might be outdated when you read it.

How to play music with Cortana and Groove Music, in Windows 10

Here are the top ten commands that we recommend that you l earn and use:

  1. Play music. When you command Cortana to play music, she will launch the Groove Music app and instantly start playing all the music found on your Windows 10 PC or device.
  1. Play "song name". Sometimes, all you want is play a specific song and nothing else. If you ask her, Cortana will look for it in your music library. If you have it, she will play it immediately.

If you don't own that song, Cortana will tell you that you should buy a Groove subscription to be able to listen to it.

  1. Play songs sung by a certain artist. Cortana can load all the songs sung by a certain artist. All you need to do is ask her. For instance, if you want to play all the songs you have from Michael Jackson, you should ask Cortana to "Play Michael Jackson songs".
  1. Pause or stop music. These commands are just as simple as they sound: ask Cortana to "Pause music" or ask her to "Stop music" altogether. She'll do just that.
  1. Resume music playing. When you want resume music, Cortana can help. Ask her to "Resume music" , and she will continue playing from where she last stopped or paused the playlist in the Groove Music app.
  1. Skip to the next track. The current track bores you? Ask Cortana to jump to the next one.
  1. Shuffle the music . If you say this command, Cortana will load all the music on your Windows 10 PC or device, shuffle it and then start playing it.
  1. Play "playlist name". All you have to do is say the playlist that you want to listen to, and Cortana will load it and start playing it. If you want to listen to your Bicycle playlist, for instance, say "Play Bicycle playlist".
  1. Play music of a certain genre. Are you in the mood for some rock, or maybe for some classical music? Tell Cortana the music genre you'd like to listen to and she'll play just that. Say things like "Play rock music" or "Play reggae music".
  1. Play a music album sung by an artist. Maybe you have an all time favorite album from a certain artist that you'd like to be played. Ask, and you shall receive! Try something like "Play All Time Greatest Hits by Lynyrd Skynyrd".


Cortana is great and the fact that you can ask her to play your music in Windows 10 is really awesome. Although she's able to do that only with the help of the Groove Music app, we do expect her to gain even more powers in the future. Maybe she'll soon be able to play videos from YouTube or from other similar online platforms. As for now, we can say that we are very happy with "yelling at her" from the sofa to start playing music. Do you use Cortana for playing music? If you do, how is it working for you?