Best of the Web for Windows users - 8 - 14 November 2015

The biggest news of the week is about the first major update for Windows 10 and an extremely important update for Xbox One, which fixes many issues and introduces backwards compatibility with lots of Xbox 360 games. To learn more details about these events, as well as other interesting facts about Microsoft, read this week’s recap:

The best tech related news

These articles are this week's most important news in Microsoft's ecosystem:

First Major Update for Windows 10 Available Today - This is the most important event of the week: Microsoft has released the first major update for Windows 10. Here’s what you get when you install it.

With November update, is Windows 10 ready for business? - A very interesting editorial from Ed Bott which aims to answer three key questions that skeptical business managers will be asking before deciding whether to upgrade to Windows 10 or not.

Your Xbox One is getting a lot faster today - Microsoft has released a very important update to Xbox One which fixes many of its faults and also introduces backwards compatibility with many Xbox 360 titles. Learn everything you need to know from this editorial.

Xbox One beats out the PS4 in monthly console sales for the first time since April - Another good news about Xbox One: Microsoft released a statement announcing that the Xbox One console has outsold the PS4 for the month of October.

Microsoft building data centers in Germany that US government can’t touch - Microsoft has launched a new kind of cloud service in Germany where user data is controlled by a "data trustee" operating under German law. Microsoft is unable to access user data without the permission of the data trustee or the customer, even if it is instructed to do so by the US government.

Microsoft's new service can tell how happy or angry you are in photos - Microsoft announced several updates for Project Oxford, a set of online services that help developers build more intelligent apps with complicated features like the ability to recognize faces. The coolest update is the facial-recognition service: it can now "look" at photos and rate how the people in them are feeling, ranking them according to emotions like happiness, anger, or disgust. It's like Pixar's "Inside Out," but in real life.

Apple has learned nothing from Microsoft's Surface - A very good editorial about the iPad Pro and how Apple ignores the lessons Microsoft has learned the hard way.

Sources say AT&T is set to release the Lumia 950 on Friday, November 20 - Friday, November 20 is shaping up to be the launch day for Lumia 950. Windows Central has had further confirmation that this is the target date for the only carrier-release version of the Lumia 950 in the U.S. More details in this news article.

Microsoft updates first-party apps ahead of Windows 10 Fall Update and Mobile launch - Microsoft has been steadily updating a bunch of apps on both its desktop and mobile platforms, to get ready for the launch of Windows 10’s Fall Update as well as the new Windows 10 Mobile.

The Best Tech Tips & Guides

We would like to share several tips and guides from other websites in the tech blogosphere:

How to Make Spotify Stop Posting to Facebook (and Other Privacy Settings) - A useful guide for Spotify users who don’t want their data to end up on Facebook.

How to Convert Anything and Everything to PDF on Android - An interesting guide for Android power users who work a lot with the PDF format.

Here Are Ten Cheap Mods That Will Transform The Way Your Car Drives - We know that many of our readers like cars and they are also geeks at heart. If you are one of them, this article is for you.