Best Of The Web For Windows Users - 8 - 14 February 2015

This past week has been quite interesting for Windows Phone users: we finally got a close look at Windows 10 for phones, we learned new details about how Cortana will work on Windows 10, and Microsoft gave birth to new rumors by registering a trademark for Windows 365. Read the full recap of this week to learn more:

The Best Tech Related News

These articles are this week's most important news in Microsoft's ecosystem:

Windows 10 for Phones: First impressions from the Technical Preview - The first Technical Preview of Windows 10 for Phones is out and the folks at Neowin got their hands on it for some testing. Read the full article to learn how the new operating system performs at this stage and whether you should give it a try now or wait for a more mature version.

Will your phone run the Windows 10 Technical Preview? - Even though Microsoft announced a select list of Lumia models that you can install the Technical Preview on, some of them had problems with the installation process. If you found yourself in this situation, go ahead and give this article a read to learn why the models that Microsoft said will run the Technical Preview might fail to install it and how to work around this issue.

Here's how to go back to Windows Phone 8.1 after checking out the Windows 10 phone preview - So you've tested the Windows 10 for Phones Technical Preview an decided you want to go back to Windows Phone 8.1 and wait some more until you make the jump. Fortunately, Microsoft has a useful tool to roll your device back to Windows Phone 8.1. Learn more about it from this article.

Microsoft buys Israeli digital pen maker N-trig: report - Microsoft shopping spree goes merily on. The company just spent $200 million on N-trig, an Israeli digital pen and touch screen chips maker. Microsoft seems to be planning to use their pens on future models of Surface Pro devices.

Office Online gets even better in 2015 - Microsoft's Office Online suite is expecting some updates in 2015. Among them we should see more file management options, improved proofreading tools and a better reading experience. This all sounds good, but what we're really interested to see is whether Microsoft's fixed at least part of the problems that we've identified and wrote about last year.

Thinking About Windows 8.1 with Bing Licensing - Paul Thurrott discusses the report that suggests a possible availability restriction for Windows 8.1 with Bing on devices with big screens. Given that most of the Windows 8.1 with Bing market is already on devices with screens that have less than 9 inch, we're curious what Microsoft is planning through this maneuver.

Want to test out Office 2016? Here's how you can download the bits right now - If you're not part of the beta group that has early access to Office 2016, there's now a way for you to download the Technical Preview. Learn more from this article.

Microsoft files trademark for 'Windows 365,' but rumors of a subscription remain murky - Microsoft seems to be making more steps towards transforming Windows into a subscription service by registering the trademark for Windows 365. We're eager to see where this is going.

Microsoft is spending cash to reinvent itself - The Verge analyzes why the many purchases made by Microsoft recently are more than just software purchases. The company is changing on many levels and the acquisitions will help define the new Microsoft.

How Cortana Comes to Life in Windows 10 - The folks in the Windows team posted a 6 minute video detailing how Cortana will work in Windows 10. It looks good on video, but we're anxious to see how it will work in the final version of Windows 10.

The Best Tech Tips & Guides

We would like to share several tips and guides from other websites in the tech blogosphere:

How to Add Nicknames to Your Facebook Profile - For those of you who want to hide their real names on Facebook, there's the option of adding a nickname to your profile. You can do this easily by following this tutorial from our friends at How-To Geek.

How to Easily Design Awesome Posters and Images Online with Canva - Guiding Tech wrote an interesting article about a web application called Canva, which you can use to create posters and images with the help of many templates with resolutions adapted for usage on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.

Top 10 Ways to Teach Yourself to Code - Lifehacker offers yet another list of accessible ways that you can use to learn how to program. If programming is on the list of skills you want to learn this year, you should give this article a read.