Best of the Web for Windows users - 7- 13 August 2016

This week, Microsoft has begun testing the next major update for Windows 10, which will be released next year. To start things off, they are not focusing on new features but on making structural improvements. Also, we have found new details about upcoming Surface devices that will be launched by Microsoft, while Xbox One seems to have had a great month in sales, this July. To learn more details about these events, as well as other interesting news, read this week’s recap:

Microsoft: the news of the week

These articles are this week's most important news in Microsoft's ecosystem:

Microsoft starts testing Windows 10's next major update - Microsoft released Windows 10's Anniversary Update last week, but it's already getting ready to unveil new features for its next major update. The software giant has started testing its "Redstone 2" update to Windows 10, with an initial build available for Windows Insiders testing public beta copies.

Microsoft extends again support for Windows 7, 8.1 Skylake-based devices - Microsoft is tweaking its support cut-off dates again for Intel Skylake-based devices so that users can continue to get security updates until Microsoft's original end-of-support dates.

Secure Boot snafu: Microsoft leaks backdoor key, firmware flung wide open [Updated] - Microsoft has inadvertently demonstrated the intrinsic security problem of including a universal backdoor in its software after it accidentally leaked its so-called "golden key"—which allows users to unlock any device that's supposedly protected by Secure Boot, such as phones and tablets.

Refreshed Surface Book to ditch hinge gap and Surface AIOs may get 4K displays - Microsoft's Windows division is busy wrapping up the Anniversary Update (aka 'Redstone 1') for Mobile and shipping for PC, but the hardware division is hard at work as well. Windows Central is starting to hear reports of refreshed Surface devices being developed that won't radically change the current design but do offer some modest modifications.

Microsoft HoloLens brings movie characters "into the real world" with Legendary partnership - Microsoft has announced a new partnership with Legendary Entertainment, the media giant behind blockbuster hit movies such as the Dark Knight trilogy, Man of Steel, Inception, Jurassic World, Interstellar, and many more, including its latest release, Warcraft. The new collaboration aims to explore how Microsoft's HoloLens headset can break down the boundaries between reality and what's depicted on screen.

Microsoft acquires game-streaming site, will integrate features into its games - Microsoft announced its acquisition of a burgeoning game-streaming service called Beam, and its mix of unique features and exclusive game integration should get the attention of the streaming world's current leaders.

Xbox One outsold PlayStation 4 in July in the U.S. - Xbox One was the top-selling console in the United States last month, according to data-tracking firm The NPD Group. Microsoft launched the revamped Xbox One S on August 4, which is a slimmer, higher-quality version of the same system. But while we won’t see any sales for that system until NPD’s next report, Microsoft clearly benefited from slashing prices on the 2013 launch version of Xbox One.

Vinci is the first neural network visual app for Windows phone, rivals Prisma - If your social stream is filled with artsy-looking photos, it may be due to the rise of Prisma, which came to iOS and later Android. Prisma takes your existing photos and applies non-traditional filters based on various art styles. The process is similar to rotoscoping minus the manual labor intensive process. Vinci is in the same league, however, what makes it neat is that it gets help from "neural networks" and is based on recent research.

MyFitnessPal is dropping support for its Windows Phone app - MyFitnessPal is dropping support for its Windows Phone app. In an email to a customer, the company stated that the company isn’t going to support its Windows Phone app anymore due to low demand and “several issues” with the app. The company is recommending that people use its website instead.

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