Best of the Web for Windows users - 4 - 10 September 2016

This week we have learned that Microsoft's Surface all-in-one PC will headline the October hardware launch and that the Skype team is working on a competitor for Slack. On a less positive note, security engineers have revealed that snatching the login credentials of a locked Windows computer just got easier and faster, thanks to a technique that requires only $50 worth of hardware and takes less than 30 seconds to carry out. To see more details, as well as other interesting news, read this week’s recap:

Microsoft: the news of the week

These articles are this week's most important news in Microsoft's ecosystem:

Microsoft's Surface all-in-one PC said to headline October hardware launch - Microsoft's late October hardware launch this year may be as much about its partners' Windows 10 devices as much as its own Surface-branded ones, sources say.

The first ever Office Insider Fast ring build has been released - Previously, there was only one ring for Office Insiders, but the Fast ring would be available for all platforms where an Office Insider Program existed, as well as one where it didn't, iOS.

Stealing login credentials from a locked PC or Mac just got easier - Snatching the login credentials of a locked computer just got easier and faster, thanks to a technique that requires only $50 worth of hardware and takes less than 30 seconds to carry out.

Samsung patent envisions Galaxy phone running Android and Windows simultaneously - In South Korea, a patent was published today that describes a Galaxy-like phone running both Windows and Android simultaneously. In fact, switching between the systems is much like switching between, or working with, multiple apps in Samsung’s Multi Window feature as implemented in current Galaxy phones.

Xbox Live Clubs and LFG arrive for Xbox One preview members - Microsoft is starting to preview its upcoming October Xbox One update. While the summer update was primarily focused on bringing universal apps and Cortana to Xbox One, the October update includes some highly requested gaming features. Xbox Live Clubs and Looking for Group are both entering into testing, allowing Xbox One preview members to create clubs and start finding Xbox Live members to play multiplayer games with.

Microsoft: Xbox Scorpio's power advantage over PS4 Pro 'will be obvious' - Sony has unveiled the PlayStation 4 Pro. The new console includes a faster processor, better graphics, and support for 4K resolution. It comes just months after Microsoft surprisingly unveiled its Project Scorpio console, a successor to the Xbox One that's capable of running 4K-native games. While Sony's new console will debut next month, Microsoft's Xbox One upgrade won't arrive until the end of next year. Despite this, Microsoft doesn't appear to be afraid of Sony's new PlayStation 4 Pro.

Microsoft HoloLens featured in Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards - Popular Mechanics magazine has chosen to highlight Microsoft's HoloLens in it's 2016 Breakthrough Awards. This annual award list takes a look at "the research, innovators, scientists and students who've made the world a little better this year."

Microsoft and Liebherr working together on next gen smart refrigerators - Microsoft is announcing their collaboration with Liebherr household appliances division, in the development of Liebherr’s new generation of the SmartDeviceBox. With the SmartDevice capability, future Liebherr refrigerators will allow you to monitor stored groceries using internal cameras and object recognition technology.

Microsoft gains support from Mozilla, EFF, Google and Apple in fight against US gagging orders - Microsoft is fighting the US Justice Department in an attempt to quash a law that prevents companies informing customers that the government is requesting their data. The technology giant has the backing of other tech companies as well as media outlets.

Exclusive: Microsoft working on Skype Teams, its own Slack competitor - Skype Teams is going to be Microsoft’s take on messaging apps for teams. Skype Teams will include a lot of similar features which you’ll find on Slack. For example, Skype Teams will allow you to chat in different groups within a team, also known as “channels”. Additionally, users will be able to talk to each other via Direct Messages on Skype Teams.

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