Best Of The Web For Windows Users - 3 - 9 May 2015

Last week we learned a lot of news from Microsoft, like the launch of the Public Preview for Office 2016, rumors about new high-end Windows smartphones, upcoming Cortana abilities and the newly announced and very exciting Continuum for Phones. Read about all these, and more, in this week's recap:

The Best Tech Related News

These articles are this week's most important news in Microsoft's ecosystem:

Office 2016 Public Preview now available - Microsoft announced that Office 2016 is now opened for public preview. As of this week, anyone can get an early look on what it has to offer and also send feedback to Microsoft's engineers. The good news is that you don't need to be an Office subscriber in order to test the new version. You can simply download a trial version from here.

Modern productivity–Office news at Ignite - Microsoft announced some exciting new Office capabilities, focused mostly on enabling more effective ways of working together in teams. To mention just a few, Microsoft announced the new Office 365 Groups, a new Skype for Business that offers the possibility to broadcast meetings, better ways of securing your content and email in Office 365 and so on.

Microsoft's OneDrive roadmap shows all the upcoming features for 2015 - During the Build 2015 and the Ignite conferences that took place these last two weeks, Microsoft outlined all the upcoming features to OneDrive.

Microsoft is the only tech company daring enough to support the middle finger emoji - According to Emojipedia, the latest update for Windows 10 includes support for the middle finger emoji. This is fun or what?

Exclusive: Microsoft has two high-end Lumias coming this year [Specs] - Windows Phone fans will be very happy to hear that Microsoft prepares to launch to high-end devices this year. Read this article to find more about their probable specifications.

Cortana will also be your personal tech support in Windows 10 - It appears that Windows' personal assistant Cortana, will get new abilities and will be able to also answer tech support questions like "How can I connect to the Internet" or "How do I share my screen". If that happens, it will prove to be something very useful for many people.

Why Microsoft is calling Windows 10 'the last version of Windows' - Jerry Nixon, a Microsoft employee, confirms that Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows. He explains once again that, in the future, Microsoft will not release any other major versions of Windows. Rather than that, Windows will be offered as a service, and will constantly receive updates.

Microsoft turning phones into PCs feels like the future - Last week, Microsoft announced that they are preparing to launch the ability to turn any smartphone running Windows 10 into a PC. They call this feature Continuum for Phone and this could be the next big thing when it comes to being mobile and productive at the same time, especially in world areas where smartphones are the primary computing devices for most of the people.

Confirmed: Media Center is Dead - Paul Thurrott confirms that Windows Media Center will not be included in Windows 10. However, it appears the same features will all become available in Microsoft's Xbox One console, most probably this year.

Court says Skype's name is too similar to Sky's - Microsoft and Sky are in the middle of a legal battle about the Skype trademark. It will be interesting to see what the outcome is.

The Best Tech Tips & Guides

We would like to share several tips and guides from other websites in the tech blogosphere:

Is Microsoft Edge Any Good? - In this article, the guys at are taking a look at what Microsoft's new Edge browser has to offer in terms of features and performance.

How to Connect Your Mac to Any VPN (and Automatically Reconnect) - Our friends from How-To Geek are showing how you can connect a Mac to a VPN. If you're a Mac user and you need to connect to a VPN network, this guide tells you exactly what you need to do.

How to Use Photoshop to Change the Eye Color of Your Photos - In case you're wondering how some of your friends show off on Facebook with perfect blue or green eyes, this is how they do it. All it takes is Adobe Photoshop and a few minutes of your time. This guide will walk you through the entire process.