Best of the Web for Windows Users – 28 September - October 4 2014

The most important events in this week circled around Microsoft’s big announcement of Windows 10. Microsoft released a Technical Preview of this next version of Windows. It’s not done yet, but it will provide a good idea on where Windows is heading as a platform. Microsoft is now one step away from fulfilling their grand plan: creating one platform for PCs, tablets, phones, Xbox consoles and other devices.

The Best Tech Related News

These articles are this week's most important news in Microsoft's ecosystem:

Microsoft Announces Windows 10 - Microsoft decided to skip 9 and name their upcoming operating system Windows 10. They emphasized how different it is from the previous versions. Joe Belfiore, the Windows VP, who leads the team that develops the operating system calls it "Microsoft's most comprehensive platform. Ever.” combining the best features from Windows 7 and Windows 8. If you want to try it, you can access the technical preview where most of the features are available, except for one major feature, the Continuum which will make the transition easier from the classic desktop interface and the mobile environment, especially on convertible laptops or hybrid tablets. Rumor has it that the new version will be free for Windows 8 users, but there’s nothing confirmed yet. If you’re curious, check it out and tell us what you think.

Microsoft teases Windows 10 phone and Xbox interfaces - Although the announcement of Windows 10 was focused on the desktop and the enterprise, they couldn’t leave the mobile environment and gaming interfaces aside. They shared some hints on the plans they have for Windows 10. Microsoft suggested that small Windows tablets will take on more of a Windows Phone-like interface than the existing Start Screen from Windows 8.1. Another novelty is that the Xbox One user interface will also be changed.

Hands-on with Windows 10: Installing the Windows Technical Preview - Before rushing into installing the Windows 10 Technical Preview, there are some things you need to know. This version has some rough edges, although it was declared stable enough to be used for testing. Ed Bott has some useful guidance for you. Make sure that you read it before installing the Technical Preview.

Ambitious Windows 10 Is an Attack Disguised as a Retreat - The biggest problem new technologies have to face is that people don’t always accept new things in their lives. Some people think that Windows 8 was a step back, because most of computers are still running on Windows 7. With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft hopes that they will overcome the preconception. Wired has an interesting perspective about Windows 10 and Microsoft’s goals with it.

Microsoft unveils Sway, Office app for creating interactive Web stories - A day after the big announcement of Windows 10, Microsoft reveals an addition to the Office suite called Sway. It is designed as a new form of Web presentation and storytelling. Sway creates presentations that are animated and interactive. Learn more details about this new product from Microsoft’s official announcement.

Bill Gates is trying to make Microsoft Office 'dramatically better' - Bill Gates claimed that improving Office is one of the most important thing Microsoft needs to do. They teased an Office touch app and they are trying to develop an Office pack for Mac. Microsoft is also investing heavily in OneNote and its new Sway app. The full interview can be viewed using the player below.

Hands-on with Microsoft's phablet friendly keyboard - If you didn’t enjoy typing on a touch screen or your fingers are just too big for those tiny keys, we have a solution. Microsoft has designed an Universal Keyboard which can work with phones, phablets and small tablets. Learn more about how it works from this article.

Xbox One Sales Gear Up in China And UK As October System Update Improves Hardware - Although, initially, it seemed like Sony’s PS4 is getting ahead, Xbox One sales in Japan and China were a success, despite the price of the console, which was considered rather high. The release of “FIFA 15” also boosted its sales.

Samsung switches to Microsoft Word following visit by Satya Nadella - Samsung decided to finally switch from the JungUm Global Software to Microsoft’s Word application. Word will implemented starting January 1st. It seems that there are no hard feelings between Samsung and Microsoft after all.

New data shows big OS market share drop for Windows 8 and 8.1 in September - Numbers don’t lie. Last month wasn’t great for Windows 8 and 8.1 in terms of market share, mostly because PC users are still using Windows 7. Microsoft hopes that the new version of Windows will bring more users on their side.

The Best Tech Tips & Guides

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