Best Of The Web For Windows Users - 27 September - 3 October 2015

This week, Microsoft accidentally listed its two new upcoming Lumia flagships on Microsoft Store, Xbox One got new features, and so did the Skype apps. As we are anxiously waiting for the big press event that Microsoft will hold in New York a couple of days from now on, here are some of the most interesting news from the Microsoft world:

The Best Tech Related News

These articles are this week's most important news in Microsoft's ecosystem:

Upcoming Lumia 950/XL show up early in the Microsoft Store - With just a week before the official announcement, Microsoft accidently listed its two new flagships - the Lumia 950 and the 950XL - on the Microsoft Store. You can find all the details inside this article.

Microsoft's Phil Spencer wants Xbox to be bold once more - Phil Spencer, the Xbox chief, decided to change the entire philosophy behind the Xbox development. Now, instead of trying to make the Xbox One a living room content box, that delivers live TV, music, games, Skype and so on, Microsoft turns to the true Xbox One consumer: the gamer. Having that in mind, only good things can happen to the Xbox One game console.

Adding more to the NXOE Preview and the Xbox Beta App for Windows 10 has been updated - This weekend, more Xbox Live members will receive preview access to the new Xbox One experience and new gaming features are added to the Xbox Beta app on Windows 10. To list a few of the novelties, the Xbox Beta app for Windows 10 gets party text chat, read and reply to messages directly from notifications, activity alert notifications and activity feed sharing.

Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 and Lumia event: what to expect - Next week, Microsoft is going to hold a big press event in New York, where we expect to hear about the new Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL smartphones, a new Surface Pro 4, Microsoft Band 2 and maybe, just maybe, some surprises from the Xbox and Surface teams.

Skype 6.3 for iPhone and iPad: iOS9 support, Slide Over, Split View and more - Microsoft updates the Skype app for iPhone and iPad, and brings full iOS9 compatibility, plus three new features: Split View and Slide Over, replies to messages can be sent without opening the app, and you can start a Skype chat directly from Spotlight. If you want, you can find more details in this official blog post.

Microsoft just bought a company from Intel that powered the special effects in 'The Matrix' - Microsoft just bought Havok, an Intel company that specializes in providing tools that help game developers simulate three-dimensional physics. Their software was also used to help create special effects in movies like "The Matrix" or "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".

Microsoft, ASUS sign combined Android patent, Office bundling deal - A few days ago, Microsoft signed a patent-licensing deal with ASUS. The deal covers Android smartphones produced by ASUS and, most importantly, gives Microsoft the opportunity to bundle their Microsoft Office apps on ASUS' Android devices.

Privacy and Windows 10 - Terry Myerson, the Executive Vice President of Microsoft's Windows and Devices Group wrote a blog post in which he give us details on the Windwos 10 privacy principles and the data Microsoft collects.

Skype for Windows now has real-time translation built in - Starting with October 1st, the Skype Translator tool is being rolled out to all Windows users. The feature is embedded directly in the Skype for Windows app and you can use it by simply clicking the new translator button. Skype can translate six voice languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese) and 50 text languages.

Microsoft to add 'likes' and 'mentions' to Outlook - Microsoft is going to add "Like" and "Mention" features to Outlook. Apparently, Microsoft wants to prove that email can be a useful tool even for those users who believe it to be a rather old and static mode of communication.

Skype 6.4 for Android: Manage Conversations from Android Wear - The latest version of the Skype for Android app supports new ways of managing conversations on Android Wear devices. Whether you use an LG Watch Urbane, an ASUS ZenWatch or other Android smartwatch you can now get notified and read new messages straight from your wearable watch, you can respond to chats and manage audio and video calls.

The browser experience in OneDrive for Business gets a makeover - OneDrive for Business gets an improved browser experience. Microsoft's cloud service interface gets "Tile or List Views", a new "Command Bar" and a new "Details" pane, and also enhanced sharing options. Find more from this official blog post.

Microsoft, Google stand down in patent battles - On Wednesday, Microsoft and Google agreed to stop all patent infringement litigation against each other, thus putting an end to court fights involving technologies used in mobile phones, WiFi, and patents used in Xbox game consoles and other Windows products, and also stop all litigation involving Motorola Mobility, a company owned by Google until last year.

The Best Tech Tips & Guides

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The Best Of 7 Tutorials

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