Best of the Web for Windows Users – 25 - 31 May 2014

This week, Microsoft has demoed real-time translated conversations over Skype. It's truly amazing and we can't wait for this technology to be rolled out by the end of the year. We have also learned that Microsoft is very likely to get into the smartwatch business and that WhatsApp is back in the Windows Phone Store with an exciting update. To learn about this and more, don't hesitate to read this week's recap.

The Best Tech Related News

As always, let's start with the most important news of the week:

Microsoft demos breakthrough in real-time translated conversations - The most important news of the week is Microsoft's demonstration of real-time translated conversations over Skype. This technology is real and it is coming to Windows 8.1 by the end of 2014. You can see another demo in the clip below. It is simply outstanding.

Exclusive: A Microsoft Smartwatch Is Coming - Microsoft has released the Files app for Windows Phone. The catch is that it works only in Windows Phone 8.1 and you need to wait for your smartphone to be updated to this version, before being able to install it.

Microsoft teases Cortana is coming "soon" for UK Windows Phone 8.1 users - Good news was shared on Twitter: UK users will be able to get a native version of Cortana up and running sometime before Windows Phone 8.1 becomes generally available. That's expected to happen during the month of June.

Windows Phone 8.1 features Cortana, Microsoft’s answer to Siri and Google Now

WhatsApp returns to Windows Phone, brings new features - After being removed for a couple of weeks from the Windows Phone Store, WhatsApp makes a comeback and it brings lots of bug fixes and some new features.

Which CPUs will you find in the Surface Pro 3? - Ed Bott provides new technical details about the Surface Pro 3 and the processors available for this device.

Toshiba's new Windows tablets bet on low prices to sway buyers - Toshiba announced the new generation of its Encore line of tablets, which we reviewed here. Learn more about what they have to offer from this news article.

The Best Tech Tips & Guides

We would like to share several tips and guides from other websites in the tech blogosphere:

Are Beats By Dre Headphones Any Good? - Now that Apple has purchased Beats, this company is hyped even more than it was in the past. Personally, we don't get it why people love their headphones. We tried them out a couple of times and we did not hear any high-quality sound. Guess what? Lifehacker agree with us and they share alternatives which provide you with better sound, often for less money.

How to Share Your Computer's Files With a Virtual Machine - If you are working with virtual machines quite often and you need to transfer files from your computer, here's how to do it.

What is Net Neutrality? Definition and Rulings - A good discussion about Net Neutrality, what is means and why it is important.

The Best of 7 Tutorials in May 2014

We would like to end this episode with a recap of the most popular articles that we published in May 2014:

Reviewing the ASUS RT-AC68U Router - Possibly the Fastest Router You Will Ever Use - We have very much enjoyed reviewing the ASUS RT-AC68U Dual-Band Wireless-AC1900 router. It is a great router for those that can afford its premium price tag. Also, we're glad that you loved reading this review. It is by far the most popular article we published last month.

Tech Lolz: If I install Windows 32-bit Twice, Will I Get Windows 64-bit? - We also started a new series of articles, named Tech Lolz. Each week, we would like to have fun while discussing tech-related problems shared by people on the Internet. If you haven't read this episode, you should. You will have a good laugh and learn a bit about Windows upgrades.

8 Unique Start Screen Designs That You Can Create Only in Windows Phone - We have created a list of unique Start screen designs for Windows Phone. If you need some inspiration on how to make your Start screen different, don't hesitate to read it.

We hope that you have enjoyed this week's recap. If you have any comments or questions, don't hesitate to use the form below.