Best of the Web for Windows users - 22 - 28 November 2015

This week several studies have been published which share interesting data about Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. Also, we have good news coming from Dell and Lenovo, as well as a new version of Xbox One that’s worth buying. To learn more about these events, as well as other interesting news about Microsoft’s consumer ecosystem, read this week’s recap:

The best tech related news

These articles are this week's most important news in Microsoft's ecosystem:

Gartner predicts Windows 10 will become the 'most widely installed version of Windows ever' - Gartner said that Microsoft's free Windows 10 upgrade offer for Windows 7 and 8.1 users means that a large number of people will be familiar with the OS by the end of 2015. It also predicts that about half of all enterprise customers will have at least started their upgrade to Windows 10 by January 2016.

Microsoft reverses course, restores downloads of Windows 10 November Update - Two weeks ago, Microsoft suddenly pulled its online tool for downloading the latest Windows 10 installation files. This week, the company explained the seemingly minor bug responsible for the decision, and has now made the tool available again. Ed Bott shares more details.

Dell apologizes for laptop security scare, will remove vulnerability today - Dell has been shipping an SSL certificate on a number of its laptops, generating security concerns that hackers could misuse the certificate to spy on web traffic. After being made aware of the problem, Dell says "we deeply regret that this has happened and are taking steps to address it."

Lenovo and Razer team up to create new Windows 10 gaming PCs - Lenovo is getting into bed with PC gaming hardware company Razer, in a new partnership that will result in a lineup of special "Razer Edition" models of Lenovo's Y series of Windows 10 gaming PCs.

Tablets: Windows fast becoming a premium OS, says Strategy Analytics - A very interesting study days that Windows tablet shipments projected to hit 49 million units in 2019, a 120 percent increase from 2015 levels.

Bing Maps' traffic cam views let you preview your commute - When you switch on the traffic layer in Bing Maps, you'll now get a lot more info than color-coded route details. More details in this news article.

Windows Phone Internals finally opens the door for custom Lumia ROMs - New tools promise to unlock the potential of Windows 10 Mobile and Lumia smartphone. Can Windows Phone Internals bring the hacker community back to the fold?

Microsoft starts shipping Lumia 950 in Germany and Netherlands - Microsoft has started shipping the Lumia 950 and 950 XL in several countries, including United States, Germany, Netherlands and Ireland.

Windows 10 Mobile is now on 7% of Windows handsets, as Lumia 640 sales increase - The latest tracking stats for Windows Phone have been released by advertising network AdDuplex, which monitors usage across its network to create a detailed monthly breakdown of Microsoft's mobile ecosystem. The reports capture a snapshot of worldwide usage, which has some interesting data about Windows 10 Mobile.

Microsoft's Xbox One Elite console is worth the extra cash - Microsoft’s Xbox One console hasn’t changed much since its introduction two years ago. It’s still a big black set-top box that will dominate your living room, but Microsoft has a new, slightly more powerful version available this month. The Xbox One Elite console switches out the traditional 512GB of HDD space for a 1TB solid state hybrid drive, alongside a new Xbox One Elite Controller. The Verge has been using an Elite console for the past couple of weeks to answer one very simple question: is it worth the extra $150?

Microsoft Studios wants you to help it decide which casual game it should make next - the casual games division of Microsoft wants to make an all-new game, and it has five concepts that will be voted on by the public.

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