Best Of The Web For Windows Users - 22 - 28 March 2015

In this episode we have news about Windows 10, a new Microsoft Surface device coming soon and some insights about the successor to Internet Explorer. If you want to know what happened this week in Microsoft’s ecosystem, don’t hesitate to read this recap:

The Best Tech Related News

These articles are this week's most important news in Microsoft's ecosystem:

Microsoft will let pirates update to Windows 10, but it likely still wants them to pay - Microsoft will allow Windows pirates to upgrade to Windows 10, but it's likely still hoping to get them to pay. Microsoft tells The Verge that people with pirated copies of Windows will still be considered to have unofficial copies after the update. If they want to go official, they can — they'll just have to get it through the Windows Store

Microsoft is building a successor to the Surface 2 (RT), here are the first details - WinBeta has learned that Microsoft is planning to launch a successor to the Surface 2 soon, however it won’t be a Windows RT based device. The device will be fanless and sport a low spec'd CPU, being either an Intel ATOM or Intel Core M based processor (we’re not too sure which one they’ve opted for just yet), meaning it will run a full-version of Windows. This is a first for the non-pro Surface line-up, and further solidifies reports regarding the death of Windows RT.

Microsoft is learning from its mistakes for its Internet Explorer successor - Internet Explorer might not be open source, but Microsoft is trying to make its successor a little more flexible to third parties. The software giant is currently building Project Spartan, a new browser that will succeed Internet Explorer in Windows 10. As part of the company’s work, it’s partnering with "major Web entities" to help improve its web platform. This is a first for Microsoft, and it means that companies outside of Redmond will be able to contribute code to Project Spartan.

Microsoft delivers Windows 10 tools for building universal applications - Microsoft is giving software developers the green light to start writing universal applications that will work on Windows 10.

A quick update on Windows 10 builds for phones for Windows Insiders - Microsoft is in the midst of testing Windows 10 on a variety of different Lumia handsets. While there isn't an exact date for release, there is still more than likely a week of testing that needs to be performed in order to insure a successful build can be pushed to the expanded list.

Microsoft is testing a new Bing maps app, public preview in the near future - Microsoft has a suite of Bing map applications on its various platforms and it looks like they are currently testing an updated app that will soon make its way out for public testing.

Skype coming to a browser near you, Skype for Web beta opens - Skype has opened up a private "Skype for Web" beta that is now rolling out to some users.

Microsoft teams up with Samsung, Dell and others to pre-install Office on Android devices - Samsung and Microsoft jointly announced a deal to pre-install Office "on select Samsung Android tablets". In fact, the scale of Microsoft's deal-making has actually been much greater, as the company has now announced partnerships and agreements with ten additional hardware partners around the world, which will see each of them pre-installing Office onto their Android devices.

Xbox One April System Update: Voice Messages, Party Chat Updates and More Now in Preview - The next Xbox One update will bring voice messaging to this console, allowing people to record and send snippets of speech to other users of Xbox Live. The update also brings dedicated servers for party chat to cut down on connection errors, and expands the "What's On" area of the console's dashboard.

The Best Tech Tips & Guides

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