Best of the Web for Windows users - 20 - 26 March 2016

This week Microsoft has announced that it has again changed its plans regarding the development of a modern Skype app that also works on devices with touch. We have also learned that OneDrive backups will be improved in future Windows 10 builds and that Xbox One users can now buy Xbox 360 games straight from their new console. To see more details about these events as well as other interesting news, read this week’s recap of Microsoft’s ecosystem for consumers:

Microsoft: the news of the week

These articles are this week's most important news in Microsoft's ecosystem:

Microsoft backtracks, resumes development of a modern Skype app - The new Skype client will be available initially to Windows Insiders. Microsoft has published some screen shots. It strongly resembles the existing desktop client, but instead of a menu bar, it now has a hamburger button.

PowerPoint Designer—what’s new and what’s next - PowerPoint Designer has recently received three upgrades that expand its usefulness. The first improvement allows you to use more than one image to convey your ideas, so you can now use up to two images for the creation of themes, and up to four images for specific Office and Gallery themes. There are also plans to overcome these limitations in the future.

Windows 10 Redstone To Feature Improved Backup To OneDrive - Thanks to a leaked build, it looks like Microsoft is preparing to offer an improved backup solution that will give you better control of the items that are stored in OneDrive. You will soon have the ability to turn having Onedrive store your apps, passwords, settings and accounts off and on.

Microsoft Photos for Windows 10 Mobile grabs Print and Living Image menu support - Windows 10 Mobile users can grab a new update to the Photos app, which is now live in the Store. The build numbers jump from 16.201.16372 to 16.317.14282 and with it come a few new interesting features.

System Updates: Buy Xbox 360 Games On Xbox One, 16-Person Party Chat And More - In addition to the ability to purchase backwards compatible Xbox 360 games and the increased party chat limit (it was previously capped at 12 people), you can also now broadcast party chat audio when you're streaming on the Xbox One Twitch app, as well as record gameplay clips of various lengths (previously you were restricted to a fixed 30 second limit).

Microsoft announces Facebook integration into its Health app - Microsoft announced some new social integration features for its Health app. Users will now be able to compare their stats with those of their Facebook friends.

Microsoft Tells Possible Yahoo Buyers It Would Consider Backing Bids With Big Bucks - According to numerous sources, Microsoft execs have been meeting with private equity firms mulling over bids to buy Yahoo and telling investors the company might be willing to lend significant financing to their efforts.

Microsoft’s teenage AI shows I know nothing about millennials - Microsoft has a new artificial intelligence bot named Taylor that tries to hold conversations on Twitter, Kik, and GroupMe. And she makes Ars Technica’s editor feel terribly old and out of touch.

Microsoft terminates its Tay AI chatbot after she turns into a Nazi - The company has terminated her after the bot started tweeting abuse at people and went full neo-Nazi, declaring that "Hitler was right I hate the jews."

Cool tips and guides

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Google Doc Publisher Keeps Your Formatting When You Publish a Document - Google Docs works really well for writing and creating documents, however, when you try to publish, the formatting can get kind of garbled. Google Doc Publisher fixes this problem.