Best Of The Web For Windows Users - 19 - 25 July 2015

This week Microsoft has released its financial results for the latest quarter and there are quite a few losses that they had to write down. They also continued with their restructuring and Panos Panay, the Corporate Vice President in charge of Surface, is taking on a bigger role as the head of engineering for all Microsoft premium devices. This is quite an important change as Panay has a very good track record with Surface devices. Last but not least, lots of new information has been released about Windows 10. We have new ads, new features, new changes, the works. Read this week's recap to stay in touch with what's new in Microsoft's consumer ecosystem:

The Best Tech Related News

These articles are this week's most important news in Microsoft's ecosystem:

Microsoft Earnings: Phone Hardware Write-down Impacts Profits, Shift To Cloud Dents Revenue Growth - Microsoft announced its earnings for Q4 FY15 on July 21st. You can find a detailed analysis of their results in this article.

Microsoft rolls out the babies for its first Windows 10 ads - Microsoft is leveraging the power of babies in its first Windows 10 ads. The company has produced five new ads, each using footage of children from across the globe gurgling, waddling, and gnawing on their feet as a voiceover explains that they will have an easier life because "these kids will grow up with Windows 10." You can view them all in this article.

Cortana brings Cultural Savviness to New Markets - Microsoft is detailing its plans to bring Cortana to more countries. They will start testing Cortana for Windows 10 in Japan, Australia, Canada, and India in the coming months, and Brazil and Mexico later this year. More details can be found in the video below.

Microsoft's Cityman and Talkman flagship Lumia phones and what you need to know - Windows Central has learned details about upcoming flagship Windows Phone devices that will be launched by Microsoft later this year. If you want to know their hardware configuration, read this news article.

Further consolidation coming across Microsoft devices, services - Panos Panay, the Corporate Vice President in charge of Surface, is taking on a bigger role following Stephen Elop's departure. Panay is not taking on the finance, marketing and supply chain part of Elop's duties, but he is going to be the head of engineering for all Microsoft premium devices, including Surface, Windows Phone, the Xbox console, the Surface Hub conferencing system, Microsoft fitness Band and HoloLens augmented-reality glasses.

Changes to Store listings and search algorithms - A new blog post by a Microsoft employee goes over some of the changes coming to the Store with Windows 10. It's quite an interesting read.

No Start Menu and App Sync for Windows 10 - Microsoft has decided to discontinue app and Start menu layout syncing in Windows 10. A surprising decision if you ask us.

Facebook, Microsoft, and Dropbox team up to make tech more accessible to people with disabilities - Together these companies have designed a working group called Teaching Accessibility. The mandate is to develop guides for building technology that everyone can use. The group will examine human-computer interaction, engineering education, and design concepts that better cater to diverse populations.

Microsoft to combat revenge porn across Bing, OneDrive, and Xbox Live - Microsoft has published its plans to "help put victims back in control of their images and their privacy." The company says it will remove links to offending photos and videos from Bing search results whenever a victim notifies the company that they were posted without permission.

Introducing the Google Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office - We never thought this would be possible but it is: Google has announced a new Google Drive plugin for Microsoft Office on Windows. It's a tool that lets you see and open any Office files you have saved in your Google Drive, and any local files that you're working on can be saved directly to Google Drive as well.

The Best Tech Tips & Guides

We would like to share several tips and guides from other websites in the tech blogosphere:

I Installed Windows 10 and Now I'm Talking to My Computer - A testimonial published by Gizmodo about what it's like to interact with Windows 10 using Cortana.

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