Best of the Web for Windows Users – 17 - 23 March 2014

This week was dominated by news about Office, OneNote, Xbox One and Microsoft's privacy policies. Microsoft has managed to track down an employee who leaked their secrets but, in doing so, they accessed data from someone's Hotmail account. This raised lots of comments on whether Microsoft respects their users' privacy and how easy it is for them to access the data from your Microsoft account, when they need to. To learn more about this news story and more, read this week's roundup.

The Best Tech Related News

Let's start by sharing this week's most interesting news about Microsoft and its ecosystem:

Introducing OneNote for Mac - Microsoft has officially launched OneNote for Mac users. You can learn more about this product from this public announcement.

Microsoft Office for iPad will be unveiled this month - Considering Microsoft's recent strategy to make Office available on any device, it is not very surprising to learn that Office for iPad will arrive soon.

Announcing Surface 2 (AT&T 4G LTE) - Microsoft has announced the Surface 2 with LTE. For now it is available only in the United States, in the AT&T network. We hope to see this model launched in other markets soon.

Is 'Titanfall' Xbox One's killer app? - An interesting debate about Titanfall - the game that was heavily promoted by Microsoft, since before Xbox One's launch.

Xbox One Coming to 26 New Markets in September - Microsoft has announced that they will release Xbox One in 26 new markets, in September 2014. Read this article to learn if your country is on the list.

Report: Microsoft working on augmented reality headset for Xbox - Speaking of Xbox One and gaming: it seems that Microsoft is working on their own virtual reality headset for the Xbox One. Learn more about it from this news article.

Microsoft touts performance improvements for existing hardware in DirectX 12 - Microsoft has released a few details about their upcoming API for developing games. There are some interesting novelties included, like support for all kinds of devices, from PCs to consoles, tablets and smartphones, as well as performance improvements for existing hardware.

How Microsoft tracked down a spy who leaked its secrets - A former Microsoft employee has been charged with passing on Microsoft trade secrets involving Windows 8. In order to arrest him and gather the necessary evidence, Microsoft has accessed a blogger's Hotmail account, leading to lots of controversy over privacy policies and their enforcement at Microsoft.

Microsoft changes policies for snooping on accounts - As a result of the public controversy resulting from the prior story, Microsoft has announced that they will change their policies for snooping Microsoft e-mail accounts.

Huawei backtracks, won't release a dual-OS Android, Windows Phone smartphone - Because of pressures from Google and/or Microsoft, Huawei has reversed their plans to launch dual-operating system smartphones with both Android and Windows Phone.

The Best Tech Tips & Guides

Before ending this week's episode, we would like to share several tips and guides from our friends in the tech blogosphere:

4 Excellent Websites to Quickly Compress Images Without Losing Quality - All the images we use on 7 Tutorials are compressed, so that they take less time to download in your browser. Here are a couple of tools that will compress images without losing their quality.

You Can Now Buy Android Desktop PCs and Laptops — But Should You? - An interesting opinion article published by our friends at How-To Geek regarding PCs with Android.

Five Essential Twitter Tips for Power Users - If you use Twitter on a regular basis, you will enjoy this collection of tips.

I hope that you have enjoyed this week's episode. If you have any comments or questions you would like to add, don't hesitate to use the form below.