Best of the Web for Windows users - 17 - 23 July 2016

This week, the headlines were made by Skype and the recent changes that Microsoft has made to the Skype ecosystem. As you will learn, not all changes are good and Microsoft is not very coherent in its product strategy. Also, we have seen the latest financial results of the company, in which Windows revenue is surprisingly strong. To make things even more interesting, now we know the launch date for the upcoming Xbox One S console. Read this week’s recap and find out what’s going on in Microsoft’s consumer ecosystem:

Microsoft: the news of the week

These articles are this week's most important news in Microsoft's ecosystem:

Skype finalizes its move to the cloud, ignores the elephant in the room - An excellent editorial from Ars Technica which should be read by all Skype users.

Skype drops support for Windows Phone and old versions of Android - While Microsoft will continue to support Skype on iOS 8, Android 4.03, and Windows 10 Mobile, any users stuck on Windows Phone 8 or older versions of Android will no longer receive access to the latest versions of Skype.

Windows surprisingly strong in Microsoft’s $20.6B fourth quarter - Microsoft posted revenue of $20.6 billion (£15.7B) in the fourth quarter of its 2016 financial year, a decline of 7 percent year on year. Operating income was $3.1 billion (£2.4B) compared to a $2.1 billion loss in the same quarter last year. Net income was also $3.1 billion, as compared to a $3.2 billion loss, and earnings per share were $0.39. More figures in this news article.

Fully Exposed: Unreleased Nokia 'McLaren' Windows phone with 3D Touch [Exclusive] - The Nokia McLaren has never had a full analysis by anyone in the press. That all changes this week, as three veteran tech reporters fully detail the 3D Touch-enabled Nokia McLaren from 2014.

Acer’s Liquid Jade Primo Windows 10 Mobile device now available from US Microsoft Store - Acer and Microsoft announced the Liquid Jade Primo a while ago, and now we finally see some progress in getting the device into the hands of more people. The new flagship is now available in the US Microsoft Store and can be bought directly, unlocked.

SwiftKey officially unwraps its emoji prediction app - Keyboard app maker Swiftkey, which was acquired by Microsoft for $250 million in February, has officially launched its first product since that acquisition — and it’s an emoji-predicting keyboard app, called Swiftmoji.

Xbox One S Arrives August 2 - The highly-anticipated 2TB Xbox One S launch edition will begin hitting shelves in select regions on August 2. That means that all pre-orders will arrive on August 2 and, for those of you who haven’t yet, you can still pre-order a 2TB Xbox One S launch edition through and select retailers.

Groove Music Universal App peeks out on the Xbox One - Following the launch of MSN Weather on the Xbox One, the next Universal App we get to see from Microsoft could well be the long-awaited update to Groove Music.

French authorities serve notice to Microsoft for Windows 10 privacy failings - Strict online privacy laws in the EU continue to bedevil American tech companies. The latest to catch flak is Microsoft, over a handful of objections from a French data protection agency.

Cool tips and guides

We would like to share several tips and guides from other websites in the tech blogosphere:

How to Jailbreak Your Kindle - While the process is a bit time-consuming, it’s also pretty easy to do. The end result is a Kindle that’s a little more pleasurable to use.

How can I get Firefox to prefer HTTPS over HTTP? - A useful discussion for all Firefox users who are interested in using secure connections.

2 Dedicated Lyrics Apps for the Stock Music Player on Android - One of the features that the stock music player in Android lacks, is the support for lyrics. So what’s the solution?