Best Of The Web For Windows Users - 12 - 18 April 2015

This week we learned some interesting news from Microsoft, including the acquisition of a new company, two new partnerships and a couple of newly announced apps. We've also learned how the touch interface of Windows 10 will change. All these and more, in this week's recap:

The Best Tech Related News

These articles are this week's most important news in Microsoft's ecosystem:

Microsoft will bundle its apps on Cyanogen's Android OS - Cyanogen, the biggest custom Android ROM developer, has partnered with Microsoft as an action step towards pushing Microsoft apps to more Android users. Apps like Bing, Skype, OneDrive, OneNote and Microsoft Office are supposed to be included in future versions of Cyanogen OS.

Microsoft is improving Windows 10's touch mode - The touch mode in Windows 10 will be quite different from the one in Windows 8.1, at least according to a newly leaked build. When using the new tablet mode, the taskbar apps are removed and you only have access to the Start screen, virtual desktops and Cortana. Read the full article to learn more about what the new touch interface is planned to look like.

Office Universal app previews for Windows Phone announced, coming later this month - Microsoft has announced the Office Universal apps preview for Windows Phone. The preview versions should be available for download by the end of the month. There's a high chance that the apps will be announced at the BUILD conference. Read the full article to learn more about them.

Windows and Windows Phone Store Trends – April 2015 Update - Windows and Windows Phone apps seem to have been on an ascending trend this month. Microsoft has published an in-depth analysis of the statistics related to the Store apps, as well as monetization and adoption trends. Read the full article to learn how the ecosystem is doing.

Comscore: 6.5 million Windows Phone users in USA in February 2015 - Another set of statistics from comScore shows that the Windows Phone market share in the US reached 3.5 percent, while the Android market share stays at the top, followed by iOS.

HTC closely working with Microsoft for a Windows 10 device - HTC said that they are working closely with Microsoft and planning to release a new Windows 10 device together once the operating system is ready.

Bing Reaches 20 Percent Search Market Share Milestone In US - According to a new research made by comScore, Bing has traded places with Yahoo, reaching a 20 percent market share in the US.

Yahoo renews its search partnership with Microsoft's Bing - The search partnership between Yahoo and Microsoft got renewed. The renewal terms include changes in the advertising teams of both companies and greater flexibility for Yahoo to enhance the search experience on multiple platforms.

New Office Delve People Experiences in Office 365 - Office 365 received a series of enhancements related to Delve. The updates include a blogging module and a new look and feel of the app itself. Delve was also made available for Android and iOS.

Microsoft acquires mobile business intelligence service Datazen - Another company bought by Microsoft. Datazen, a data visualization company, joins Microsoft in an effort to accelerate the Power BI strategy. The price of the transaction was not shared.

- Even though Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows XP a year ago, Google will keep supporting Chrome for XP by the end of 2015. This decision comes as a consequence of the Google Chrome users who did not upgrade their operating systems, or even computers, for a long time.

The Best Tech Tips & Guides

We would like to share several tips and guides from other websites in the tech blogosphere:

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How to Sync Sessions in Chrome and Firefox Across Devices using TabCloud - Guiding Tech has published a very interesting article teaching you how to synchronize Chrome and Firefox sessions across devices. You can do this by using TabCloud. Read the full article to learn more.

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