Best of the Web for Windows users - 10 - 16 July 2016

This week we have found out that Microsoft Edge is the best browser for streaming HD movies on Netflix and that Skype will finally get a good app for Linux. To learn more details as well as other interesting news, read this week’s recap of what went on in Microsoft’s ecosystem:

Microsoft: the news of the week

These articles are this week's most important news in Microsoft's ecosystem:

Microsoft says Edge is the best browser for your Netflix streaming - Microsoft is making a pretty convincing case, with Microsoft Edge being at least a good candidate if not necessarily the outright winner when it comes to your video streaming needs.

After one year, 10 lessons learned for Windows 10 - It's been a busy year in Redmond, with Windows 10 delivering three major releases to 350 million active users. Here's a look back at some major milestones and stumbles along the way, and new predictions about when Windows 10 will hit its ambitious goal of a billion devices.

Microsoft is replacing Skype’s ancient Linux client with a web app (sort of) - The Skype team teased “exciting” news for Linux users. The old, outdated Skype for Linux application that’s barely been updated in years is being phased out. Replacing it is a new, modern Skype for Linux application that’s currently in alpha.

Lenovo Announces Their First Windows 10 Phone - Lenovo, in a joint partnership with Japanese carrier, SoftBank, has announced the SoftBank 503LV which will hit the Japanese market by late October.

Kinect is almost dead, but it finally has a killer app - It’s hard to think of a more ubiquitous genre than the 2D platformer, but by utilizing Kinect in an inventive way, a game named Fru manages to feel like something brand new. It’s the kind of game the Kinect really could have used at launch, an experience that blends the familiar with unique motion controls to create arguably the best game on the platform.

Microsoft wants to finish the new rollout by the end of summer - Microsoft has been rolling out the new experience for a while now. A lot of users still don’t have the new experience, and Microsoft has been rolling it out pretty slowly. Now, according to the official Twitter account for Outlook, Microsoft wants to finish the rollout by the end of this summer.

Microsoft starts downgrading OneDrive's free storage to 5GB - Heads up: if you didn't sign up to keep the 15GB worth of OneDrive storage Microsoft gave out in 2014, you'll soon see a big change in your account.

Microsoft won't force you to use Cortana on Xbox One - Microsoft is planning to bring Cortana to the Xbox One next month, but if you're happy using the existing Kinect Xbox voice commands then you won't be forced to enable the digital assistant. While early beta versions of Cortana for Xbox One were designed to disable Xbox commands once Cortana was enabled, Microsoft has pushed out an update that will allow users to disable the assistant and return to the old Xbox commands.

Microsoft offers Surface-as-a-Service, more in enterprise hardware push - At its Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto, Microsoft announced new ways that its all-important partners can sell not just the company's software but also its hardware as it seeks to grow its Surface business.

Facebook Moves All Its Employees to Microsoft Office - Rumor has it that Microsoft and Facebook have been negotiating an agreement in the last few months, so the social network will soon make the switch to Office 365 for all its employees.

Microsoft just made a deal with IBM - and Apple should be nervous - Microsoft and IBM announced a new partnership. As a result, IBM will develop new business applications for the Microsoft Surface tablets and Surface Book laptops for its roster of large enterprise customers.

Satya Nadella just fixed Microsoft’s biggest problem - An interesting editorial about the “Sales and everyone else" culture that has held Microsoft back in recent years and what Satya Nadella is doing to change it.

Microsoft wins: Court rules feds can’t use SCA to nab overseas data - In a case closely watched by much of the tech industry, an appellate court has ruled in favor of Microsoft, finding that the company does not have to turn over the contents of an user’s inbox to American investigators because that user’s data is held abroad, in Ireland.

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