Best of the Web for Windows Users – 10 - 16 August 2014

This past week brought quite a big chunk of news about Microsoft's consumer ecosystem, including new Xbox One features and news about the next version of Windows. To learn all the details, read this week's recap!

The Best Tech Related News

Let's start with the most important news of the week about Microsoft and its consumer ecosystem:

Microsoft transforms bumpy GoPro videos into smooth works of art - Microsoft is working on a way to transform bumpy time-lapse videos into smoother and less shaky experiences. Definitely an interesting concept. Read the full article to see a demonstration of the algorithm.

Kicking off Gamescom 2014: More social features, new ways to watch TV, and USB and DLNA Support Coming Soon - A plethora of new features for the Xbox One have been announced at Gamescom 2014 and also a long awaited country expansion for Microsoft's console.

Windows Phone sales decline as share shrinks to just 2.5 percent - Windows Phone's adoption rate doesn't really seem to be improving, with only 2.5 percent market share in this last quarter. It's going to be very interesting watching Microsoft struggle to increase its share in the smartphone market.

Xbox Shops Entertainment Studio to Warner Bros. - Microsoft is considering moving their Xbox Entertainment Studios over to Warner Bros. Of course, nothing is certain yet, but this might be an interesting move for those of you who want more Xbox content.

Mobile Devices Overtake PC Sales at Lenovo - Lenovo, the largest PC manufacturer in the world has reached an important milestone this week. They are now selling more tablets and smartphones than computers. Read the full article for detailed information related to income and statistics.

Foursquare finally launches Swarm on Windows Phone 8.1 - Foursquare's new service, Swarm, has been released for Windows Phone, too. Might be a fun app for those of you who like to check-in everywhere you go.

Windows Threshold: Cortana takes a step forward - Cortana, the digital assistant integrated in Windows Phone, has reached a new milestone on the desktop front. According to Microsoft, it will be integrated in Windows Threshold and the development team is making some interesting progress with it.

DirectX 12 - High Performance and High Power Savings - DirectX 12 seems to feature some impressive improvements. A demonstration made at SIGGRAPH 2014 showed a more than 50% CPU power usage reduction on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

Skype for Windows 8.1 update now allows users to edit sent messages - The Windows 8.1 Skype app now allows you to edit or delete the messages that you send to your contacts. A feature that has been present on the desktop version for quite a long time now.

HTC One for Windows gets Cortana integration with DOT VIEW case and specs confirmed - HTC and Microsoft have announced a press event in New York on the 19th of August to announce their new Windows Phone. It is rumored that the device will receive Cortana integration and a Dot View case.

The Best Tech Tips & Guides

We would like to share several tips and guides from other websites in the tech blogosphere:

How to Clean the Dust Out of Your Laptop - Our friends over at How To Geek have published a great article that shows how to clean up old dusty laptops. Very useful indeed.

6 Best Budgeting and Personal Finance Apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone - An interesting selection of finance and budgeting apps for the three big mobile platforms.

Grammar Nazi Helps You Learn Proper English While You Read [Android] - An interesting Android app that helps you improve your English skills while you're reading books on your smartphone or tablet. You can import your own digital books and organize them into a library.

This is all for this week's roundup. We hope that you have enjoyed reading our recommendations.