Best of the Web for Windows users - 1 - 7 November 2015

This week we have learned not so great news about OneDrive, with Microsoft backing down on many of its promises regarding this service. Also, OEMs will be able to sell Windows 7 PCs only for another year - more news that won’t make many people happy. If you would like to learn more details about these announcements, as well as some positive news about Microsoft’s ecosystem, read this week’s recap:

The best tech related news

These articles are this week's most important news in Microsoft's ecosystem:

Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10586 - Microsoft released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10586 to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring. There's not a lot new in this build, just bug fixes. However this build is believed to have been signed off as good enough for widespread use. Unless some critical last-minute bug is discovered, it should roll out to all Windows 10 users on Patch Tuesday next week, as the Windows 10 Fall Update.

Microsoft gives OEMs a deadline: one year, then no more new Windows 7 PCs - Want to buy a new Windows 7 PC? Better get busy, because there are only 364 shopping days left. Microsoft is providing one year's notice to PC makers on Windows 7's end of life. The clock starts now!

Microsoft drops unlimited OneDrive storage after people use it for unlimited storage - A little over a year ago, Microsoft announced that paid Office 365 Home and Personal subscribers would get, as part of their subscription, unlimited cloud storage on its OneDrive service. Now the company announced that it wasn't going to do that after all.

Over 100 Xbox 360 games coming to the Xbox One will be announced next week - Microsoft are planning to announce more than one hundred Xbox 360 games arriving on Xbox One next week. We don’t yet know which titles will be supported at launch, with exceptions for select titles available via the the preview dashboard or promotions.

“Software Update for Lumia with Windows 10” update page surfaces as Microsoft answers all your Windows 10 FAQs - As the Windows 10 Mobile release inches closer and closer, Microsoft has now updated its software update page for Windows Phone to include Windows 10.

Microsoft opens up its Cortana for iPhone beta - Microsoft is getting ready to let iPhone users test a version of Cortana for iOS. The software maker has been steadily testing the app over the past six months internally, and it has now reached the stage where it's ready for outsiders to preview.

Windows and Windows Phone UserVoice being replaced by Feedback app - Microsoft launched UserVoice-based feedback sites for both Windows and Windows Phone in order to receive suggestions from fans about how to improve those operating systems. Now, with the launch of Windows 10 for the PC and the upcoming release of Windows 10 Mobile for smartphones, Microsoft is retiring the UserVoice sites for Windows and Windows Phone in favor of receiving suggestions directly from the Windows Feedback app.

Microsoft teams up with Red Hat for enterprise cloud solutions - Microsoft has entered into a partnership with Red Hat to provide the latter's operating system on Azure, and to collaborate on new enterprise solutions for the cloud.

The best tech tips & guides

We would like to share several tips and guides from other websites in the tech blogosphere:

Is Windows 10 telemetry a threat to your personal privacy? - A very good question being asked and answered by Ed Bott.

How to Install the Google Play Store on Your Amazon Fire Tablet - This is a very useful guide for Amazon Fire users.

Microsoft's OneDrive changes are a senseless overreaction to a problem it created - This is an editorial we fully agree with. Microsoft shouldn’t be punishing all its OneDrive users just because a few of them are abusing this service. It’s a very bad decision on their part.