Best of the Web for Windows users - 1 - 7 May 2016

This week Microsoft has purchased a startup that is very successful in the Internet of Things market, signaling one more time that this will be an area of focus for the company. We have also learned that, after July 29th, Microsoft will begin removing the “Get Windows 10 app” from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, news which will make many users happy. To learn more details about these events, as well as other interesting news, read this week’s recap:

Microsoft: the news of the week

These articles are this week's most important news in Microsoft's ecosystem:

Windows 10 Now on 300 Million Active Devices – Free Upgrade Offer to End Soon - As we near the one year anniversary of the availability of Windows 10, Microsoft shared that Windows 10 is now running on 300 million active devices around the world.

“Get Windows 10” app will be removed from Windows 7/8.1 after July 29th upgrade offer ends - After July 29th, Microsoft will begin removing the Get Windows 10 app from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 machines. This is likely excellent news for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users who are not planning to upgrade to Windows 10, as it means there will be no more annoying upgrade prompts once the upgrade offer is over.

Here's a look at Microsoft Edge extensions in the Windows Store - Microsoft has said that extensions will have a one-click install process from the Store at some point, likely when the Anniversary Update ships. Now, we have our first look at what that will be like.

Microsoft no longer allows administrators to block Windows Store access in Windows 10 Pro - Microsoft has retroactively removed the ability of companies to turn off access to the Windows Store in its Windows 10 Pro version.

Vine app arrives for Windows 10 PCs and tablets - If you're a fan of Vine then you'll find many of the features you'd expect, and even the ability to upload content straight from your PC.

Antimalware software works, hackers still trying to exploit 6-year-old bugs - Microsoft has released the latest edition of its twice-annual Security Intelligence Report, its survey of the security landscape and threats around the world. The survey has a ton of data about what malware is infecting people, which parts of the world are seeing increased attacks, and more.

The Lumia Icon will soon be supported for Windows 10 Mobile Development Branch builds - Gabe Aul took to Twitter today to give owners of the Nokia Lumia Icon something that they're not used to: good news. Soon, users of the Verizon exclusive will be able to install new builds from the Redstone Development Branch on their devices.

Bing for iOS now lets you search the Web with your camera - Microsoft updated its Bing app for iOS with some very useful functionality: image search using a new photo you take in the app or a photo you have hanging around on your device.

I installed Windows 95 on my Apple Watch - With a 520 MHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, and 8GB of internal storage, the Apple Watch packs a lot of computing horsepower into a very small package. On paper, its processor alone is about twenty-five times faster than the average 386, and 512 MB was the size of a hard drive in the mid nineties, not memory. As a result, someone has installed Windows 95 on it. Here’s how it works:

Microsoft purchases Solair, with an eye on the Internet of Things - Solair was founded in 2011, and since then has become very successful in defining how IoT devices are monitored and managed. It’s this success, and Microsoft’s ambition to tap into the IoT market, which has led to Microsoft acquiring Solair.

Microsoft unveils new effort to make its developer, IT documentation great again - After years of ad hoc changes to its documentation system, Microsoft has announced a new plan to overhaul both its TechNet and MSDN documentation to make it fit for the purpose. Documentation will have a new site,, with a new consistent look and features.

Microsoft Aims to Wrangle Data for Office Teams With SharePoint Revamp - Startups such as Slack Technologies Inc. and Box Inc. get much of the buzz in the business of simplifying workplace collaboration. Microsoft is eager to win some of that luster for its own SharePoint software, and it is betting that a new version of the 15-year-old program will stand out by tapping an information source its rivals lack.

Cool tips and guides

We would like to share several tips and guides from other websites in the tech blogosphere:

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The Best Operating Systems for Your Raspberry Pi Projects - If you’re new to the Raspberry Pi, there’s a good chance you’ve downloaded NOOBS. NOOBS makes getting started with Pi easy, and includes a bunch of different operating systems to choose from. Which you should choose depends, of course, on your project. Here’s how to make the right choice.

Find out what Google knows about you - If you are a heavy user of Google’s services, here’s how to learn what Google knows about you and how to opt-out.

Digital Citizen: The best articles of the month

We would like to end with the most popular articles that were published on Digital Citizen, in April 2016:

Public vote: The best security product for Windows in 2016 - Our “The best security product of the year” campaign is one of our most read articles last month. This campaign is closing very soon and, if you haven’t voted yet, you should do so now. We have plenty of prizes for you to win, as soon as Tuesday .

3 Steps to blocking the Windows 10 upgrade offer using Never10 - If you are annoyed by Microsoft’s push to convince you to upgrade to Windows 10, here’s one new solution that can fix your problem.

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