The best 4 Instagram clients for Windows Phone

If you own a Windows Phone and you also use Instagram, you probably know that an official app wasn’t released until recently. And that app has been in BETA since forever. In the meantime, plenty of independent developers created their own client s for Instagram , trying to bring the same experience the Android or iOS versions offer. When Instagram BETA was released, some features were missing and some of these unofficial apps had more features than the official app. So, we decided to do a little research and offer you some of the best Instagram clients available in the Store, for Windows Phone . Let’s get started:

1. Instagram BETA

The official Instagram app made it to Windows Phone back in 2013. Although the app has been in BETA since then, the app has only a few of the features that the iOS and Android versions provide. You can customize your photos with several filter effects and share them instantly to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare. You can interact with your friends receiving likes and comments.

However, the app has some downsides. One major drawback is the fact that you can’t upload videos, while Android and iOS versions have ha d this update for some time. Another drawback is the fact that you can’t send or receive private messages, so-called Direct messages. Other users complained about the app being slow, not having enough filter effects, the inability to tag people in comments or the missing support for non square or high resolution images.

Overall, it’s a reasonably good app but it certainly needs improvements at multiple levels. We hope that Instagram will do somethin g about it and work to make this app better.

Download page: Instagram BETA

2. 6tag

6tag is the most used Instagram app for Windows Phone , with over 100.000 ratings and with the most features. Much of its popularity comes from the fact that the app is very close to the real Instagram , with all the original filters and a long list of features that Instagram BETA does not have.

First of all, the picture editing process has a lot more options. The app supports high resolution pictures and doesn’t blur them during the upload. Furthermore, you have more control on editing: you have more filters available, you can adjust the strength of the filter effect, add a border, blur and others.

Also, 6tag has a feature long awaited by the Instagram BETA users: the ability to post videos. However, it has some limitations. You can only post one video for free. To use this feature regularly, you have purchase the ad-free version, which costs about 1,37 $ (1,29 €).

Another welcomed feature of this app is the fact that you can send or receive Direct messages. Now, you can send private pictures, videos, voice or text messages.

The app also offers the opportunity to manage multiple Instagram accounts and switch easily between them, another feature that Instagram BETA does not have.

We think that despite the minor bugs and crashes it sometimes encounters, the app is really good and we strongly recommend it. The minimalist interface, close to the original Instragram , combined with a long list of features make 6tag worth using.

Download page: 6tag