The 4 best Ebook apps for Windows Phone

If you like reading and you own a Windows Phone, you may know that it isn't so easy to find a good Ebook reader app. The number of the available apps is quite small and a lot of them are rather useless, either loaded with ads or you need to pay for them. So, we decided to do a little research and present to you some of the best Ebook readers that are available for Windows Phone. Let's get started:

1. Bookviser Reader

Bookviser Reader is one of the most appreciated eBook readers in the Store. This app has over 4 million users from all over the world, mostly because of its clean user interface and because it offers a long list of features.

Bookviser supports three Ebook formats: ePub , fb2 and txt and offers easy access to a large collection of Ebooks. You have multiple options to create your virtual library on your Windows Phone. First, you need to create a Bookviser account within the app or straight from your browser. Then, you can search and download Ebooks from public catalogs like F eedBooks, Project Gutenberg and Smashword or you can import them from your SD card or from your OneDrive. You can also download books using your web browser and then add them to your Bookviser account, which will automatically synchronize the files across all your Windows devices.

Bookviser also offers multiple customization options. You can set the color themes for day and night, choose the font and size used for displaying the Ebooks, adjust margins and line spacing and select a page turning animation. If you are reading, and you don't want to go back to the settings menu, you can use the Quick Settings menu to adjust brightness, font size or switch between day/night modes while reading.

Bookviser also lets you work with text. You can copy, translate or share snippets of text, look up for word definitions within the app, highlight words using the grey color and create bookmarks which can be viewed at any time.

If you want access to Premium features such as Multi Color Highlighter, Vintage Paper, Themes, Notes and many others, you'll have to buy a subscription plan. Bookviser offers monthly, yearly and unlimited subscription plans at 2.17 $, 5.41 $ and 10.73 $.

Overall, we think this is a great app and we strongly recommend it. The minimalist and highly customizable interface, the easy access to a large collection of books, the long list of features and the ability to sync your books across all your Windows devices make this app worth trying, even if you don't purchase the Premium version. We also like a lot the realistic page turning animation.

Download page : Bookviser Reader

2. Amazon Kindle

Developed by Amazon, the Amazon Kindle app is a good alternative if you don't want to buy a Kindle device. You have access to over 1 million books in the Kindle Store and you can crea te your own virtual library. We already discussed about its features and user interface in one of our previous guides: How to use the Kindle app for Windows Phone 8.1 to read Ebooks.

We like this app mostly because of its simplicity and the comfortable reading experience, but it definitely needs improvements at some levels. Besides the fact that you can only use Kindle Store as your book source (on other platforms you can also use Calibre), you can't purchase books within the app and you have to do this using a web browser. We find this approach to be annoying. The app is also pretty basic and lacks features that are present in the Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 apps, such as highlighting text, adding notes or searching for word definitions . On the positive side, we like the fact that you can sync your Ebooks across your devices, and that you can easily customize the reading options.

Download page: Amazon Kindle

3. Tucan reader

Tucan reader is another app which can easily be among your top choices. Some might say that this is the best Ebook reader developed for Windows Phone, mostly because of the large number of available features and the highly customizable user interface.

One of the advantages of the app is the large number of formats it supports (. html,.fb2,,.pdf,.mobi (DRM-free),.ePub (DRM-free),.txt, ). The app can also open .zip and .rar files. You can upload books from a large variety of sources: OneDrive, your Windows Phone, Dropbox, OPDS, Google Drive and so on. The books can be downloaded using your web browser or directly from your PC, via a WiFi connection.

Another advantage of the app is the highly customizable reading experience. You can personalize the page colors, font and page transitions. You can quickly switch between the day and night mode, change the orientation, prevent lock screen while reading or enable the battery saving mode.

Tucan reader has some cool features, rarely seen in other apps of its kind. One of them is Speech book, which is a text-to-speech tool which you can use for Ebooks written in English, German, French and Italian. You can select the speech gender, speed and voice pitch and you can also add a timer, after which the application will close.

Another feature is spritz, which will display one word at a time. This tool uses an algorithm which is supposed to increase your reading speed, increase your focus and also have fun while reading. You can set different speeds in words per minute and see which one works best for you. You will be able to gradually increase the speed, you will be able to focus better and memorize more. You can check the science behind this algorithm here.

We can say that we like this app a lot, and we strongly recommend it. It's very intuitive and innovative, and a large number of options make it possible for everyone to get the best reading experience. The app has an awful lot of features, which can make it difficult for some to find certain options, but once you get used to it, you'll like it. Also, the app could be better organized and the design could be improved as we find it a little bit unpolished.

Download page: Tucan reader

4. Freda

Freda is another reliable choice when it comes to Ebook readers and it distinguishes itself from the other apps of its kind by its well-organized user interface. The application is not very rich in features, but it's simple, user-friendly and it does the job.

Although it's simple, it provides all the key functions it needs for a proper reading experience. It supports ePub (DRM-free), .fb2,.html and .txt file formats. Freda can get books from online catalogs like Feedbooks, Smashwords and Project Gutenberg. Or, if you have an existing book collection, you can use OneDrive, DropBox or Calibre to download the books to your Windows Phone. Freda also includes dyslexic-friendly settings for those suffering from this condition.

What we like most about the app is the ability to control the effect of a tap gesture anywhere on your screen. Let's say you want to open the shortcuts screen every time you press the bottom right corner area. Just press the bottom right corner of the screen and choose open shortcuts screen button. You can do this with every part of your screen to have a greater control of the app .

Freda is pretty good at doing what it's supposed to do and it has all the key functions you need. However, it doesn't have all the exciting features of Tucan reader or the great interface of Bookviser. So, if you want to read but you want to keep it as simple as possible, this app might be a good choice for you.

Download page: Freda


As you can see, our selection provides an alternative for every type of user. It doesn't matter if you want a lot of features, a simple user interface or a comfortable reading experience, you'll surely find something that suits you. From all the apps we showed you, Tucan reader and Bookviser stand out as the most feature-filled apps, with the largest number of supported file formats and with the best designs. If you know other Ebook readers for Windows Phone, and you believe that they deserve to be in our list, don't hesitate to share them with us in the comments below.