The Best 5 GPS Navigation Apps For Windows Phone

If you like traveling by car or you commute daily you need a good navigation app for your Windows Phone. While some need to find the shortest route to a certain destination, others need mostly to be aware of road hazards, police or other events on the road. Some might be okay with mobile data usage, others need an app that's stable even when you're travelling in another country or you're entering an area with no mobile coverage. We looked at some of the best navigation apps for Windows Phone and now we are ready to share them with you, in this article:

1. Here Drive+

When it comes to navigation Here Drive + is indeed a great app. One important advantage is the fact that you are able to use this app offline. Once you download the map you need, you are ready to go. This way you'll avoid extra costs and you'll save your data plan. However, when you are offline, some features, such as live traffic updates, won't work.

The app is really easy to use. Just set a destination and you'll be able to use turn-by-turn voice navigation, even when you are offline. The voice-guidance access is free and includes 88 downloadable options. Also, you can activate the Speed Limit Warning so the app will play an audio alert when you exceed the speed limit.

Using Route Optimisation you can choose a Faster route, a Shorter route or a Balanced route based on the traffic info.

One feature that can be really useful for most drivers is Find my car. The app automatically saves the location of your parked car on the map and helps you find your way back to it later.

Overall, Here Drive +, is a reliable app and we strongly recommend it. It has a lot of great and useful features which you should try for yourself.

Download page: Here Drive +.

2. GMaps

GMaps is another great app when it comes to navigation, providing an easy way to use Google Maps on your Windows Phone. The app offers directions between two points in several travel modes: Driving, Public transit, Cycling and Walking. The app will conveniently show the travel time and the distance for each available route.

When you visit a foreign country, you can use this app to discover local places such as tourist attractions, restaurants, shops, banks and ATMs, cars or hospitals, along with the distance to them.

Add different layers to your map to help navigate more safely. The layers include a Traffic layer, a Transport layer, a Bicycle layer, a Weather layer and a Favorites layer. However, note that if you use a lot of layers, the map will be hard to follow, so keep it simple and turn off unnecessary ones.

Overall, the app can be improved at many levels and it needs a reliable data connection in order to work, but the mapping features are worth trying. It's an app that integrates Google Maps on your Windows Phone in a very convenient way. Give it a try and tell us what you think.

Download page: GMaps

3. Waze

Waze has rapidly become the favourite app of daily commuters making navigation fun. Just keeping the app open, you contribute a lot of information to your local driving community. You can report accidents, hazards, police and other events, providing real-time traffic and road info, but also receive road alerts on your route.

As we mentioned early, the users of this app form a community. In the My Waze section you can configure the user settings, set a mood, a nickname. Also, you can earn points driving and reporting events and advance to higher levels. This way your reporting permission will grow and your reports get greater influence. Also, the more you fiddle with your phone while driving the better chances are that you'll be part of the traffic hazard statistics!

Unfortunately, the app doesn't work offline. To take advantage of all the features it offers, you need to have a reliable network connection, but the app is really good and fun to use. Try it yourself and tell us what you think.

Download page: Waze.

4. CoPilot GPS

CoPilot is another great choice.Besides the quality maps, it offers the opportunity to use them offline, perfect for traveling abroad or in areas with no mobile coverage. Enter a destination and you're ready to go. If you also want voice assisted navigation, to guide you turn by turn, you have a 7 days free trial period.

You can personalize the routes depending on your vehicle, and choose the fastest or the shortest route, avoid congestion, toll roads or ferries. You can also set a top speed for your route, so you will be warned each time you exceed the limit.

Using this app you can find really easy diferent points of interest such as restaurants, hotels and gas stations and see the distances toward them. Tap any result in the list and the app will automatically find a route to it.

This app offers a lot of great features, some are free and some are premium. As you might expect some features are not available offline. We recommend that you download maps while you are connected to a Wi-Fi network so that you'll save your mobile data. Try this app and tell us what you think.

Download page: CoPilot GPS.

5. GPS Voice Navigation

GPS Voice Navigation can easily be among your top choices. The minimalist user interface makes the app easy to use even for inexperienced users. Just type a destination and you're ready to go. The app offers a useful dashboard that shows you not just the estimated time of arrival, time and distance travelled, but also your current position.

The directions are brief, voice assisted and really easy to use. Depending on your preferences or the units used in your country you can choose metric or imperial units.

This app also has a Premium version available for $7.85 with more features such as finding different places on the map like hotels, restaurants, gas stations and more. However we find this purchase unnecessary because there are free apps which can do the same thing.

This app does not offer offline maps, but overall, it can be a useful and easy to use app for the casual user.

Download page: GPS Voice Navigation.


As you might have noticed, all the apps we've presented meet the purpose for which they were created: they can guide you to get anywhere at anytime. Some of them require an Internet connection while others can be used offline. Obviously, each of them can be improved at certain levels but it's up to you to find the one that suits you the best. Tell us what you think about the apps we presented and, if you think there are other apps that should be added to our list, don't hesitate to share them with us in the comments below.