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  1. Scott Johnson says:

    I’m not impressed with Windows Live Movie Maker in Windows 7. In my opinion; as a former broadcaster, Windows Movie Maker in Windows Visa was better. I was ‘able’ to lay down a Video track, a Voice track and a Music track, ‘all’ on seperate tracks. Then mix them on the DVD maker, with professional reseults.

    • Donna Somers says:

      I agree, Scott! Windows Live Movie Maker is very user UNfriendly. I’m an amateur and it has taken me hours to compose a 25 minute slideshow with music that would probably have taken someone who knows the program well no more than 2 hours. I’m very disappointed with WLMM.

    • denmark says:

      you may want to use the tool BeeCut. This amazing tool has a user-friendly interface and with basic functions. Try it now. Log on to its site using any browser. BeeCut.com

  2. Jeffrey Langlois says:

    I just wanted to say I found how to have audio from one video (a-roll) run behind audio from another video (b-roll) and without using any third-party software. Open your a-roll clip, with the cursor at the beginning click on “Add Audio” and choose “add music at the current point…” In the file browser screen on the bottom right choose “Audio and Video.” This will make your videos appear, choose your a-roll and click “Open.” This will add an audio track of your a-roll to your video. You can now split your video and add b-roll over the original audio. Both tracks, your a-roll and b-roll, are heard together. On the “Edit” menu double-click either the video or the audio track and you can edit volume independent of each other. There still appears to be some syncing needed if you drop your b-roll and go back to your a-roll but this should get most people started. Hope this helps

  3. Barbara Caldwell says:

    We have had success in creating a slide show with Windows Movie Maker and have been able to import and add music, but it will not play smoothly. I can only describe it as almost “stuttering” with the music very jerky, as well as the slides. Is there a remedy for this?

    • John Smith says:

      The worst thing about movie maker is what it does but doesn’t tell you about. For example if you have various video clips and have added sound effects at various points, if you “insert” a new clip then IT MOVES ALL YOUR EXISTING CLIPS FORWARDS WITHOUT TELLING YOU, immediately desynchronising all those nice sound effects you made earlier.


  4. helena says:

    I’m trying to make a video but WMM won’t add my narration to the finished product. How do I turn narration on?

  5. Ceec says:

    I am very frustrated with movie maker as well, I have my slide show all done and ready to be saved, it is perfectly in sync with music but then when I save it for email or any other. It moves my music, and the whole movie is off.. WTH.. The video is for a fund raiser people are waiting for it.. Very piss! Help anyone.

  6. ANONYMOUS. says:

    i add my music and it works on movie maker. BUT. once i save my movie, sounds gone.
    I have restarted the file twice and the music is still not working.
    i NEED this movie to be done really soon…


    • Sheila says:

      Have you had any luck solving this. I’ve completed my project twice, losing all the music after saving it. I had saved the 2nd attempt as version 2. After a while I tried going back to my original project and it let me put music back in and it worked. I had to run out so I saved it and when I got back, no sound again. Unfortunately, I forgot to save it as version 3 so I trashed my original. Working on a movie for our Labor Day party, wasting way to much time with so much to do.

  7. Meek says:

    wow….. thanks.

  8. Rebel Lion says:

    When you add a new sound always check to see if your other sounds have moved – If they haven’t great if they do – Here is a simple solution – Just add your new sound to the end of your project – Then copy and paste it where you would like it to go – It won’t move any of the other sounds – I discovered this by chance

    • Karen says:

      This is the answer I was hoping for. I have been struggling for so so so many hours after adjusting the music in my movie. THROWS OFF EVERYTHING!!. Right now, I’m going to try this! I’ll let you know! Thanks, I hope!!!!!

  9. jillianmillar@optusnet.com.au says:

    my movie is 50 minutes long with music. When I save the movie only 30% is saved..it says not enough space on my computer. Is 50 minutes too long?

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