5 Things You Can Do With The Kaspersky Safe Browser On Windows Phone

Not long ago, Kaspersky released a new browser available for Windows Phone and iOS which was expected to be promising. What makes it different from the other browsers? Well, Kaspersky Safe Browser, besides providing the usual navigation tools, protects your data online by blocking malicious and phishing websites. The app can also be configured to block specific categories of unwanted content and provides different tools to improve your online experience. In this article we will present some of the most interesting features of this browser. Let's go:

How To Download & Install Kaspersky Safe Browser

Like any other app, you can find Kaspersky Safe Browser in the Store. Tap Install to get this app for free.

Next, open the app found in the App List.

Now, agree with the terms of the user license to continue.

Now, you are ready to use Kaspersky Safe Browser. Test this browser and its features presented below:

1. Protect Your Smartphone Against Malicious And Phishing Websites

The most important feature of this browser is the protection provided against malicious and phishing websites. This way your data and personal information are always protected. By default, this option is always enabled for any kind of user.

For corporate clients there's a special feature which connects your Windows Phone to your corporate Administration Server. Next, the system administrator will configure the app according to company's security requirements. This way your personal and corporate data will be protected against online fraud. This feature provides the safest online experience on your mobile device.

First, tap the More button placed at the lower right corner of the screen.

Next, choose Synchronization from the pop-menu.

Then, you need to contact the administrator to receive the license information and enable synchronization with the Administration Server.

Next, tap Connection Settings.

Now, enter the information received from your system administrator and press Synchronize.

2. Block Websites Containing Unwanted Content

This feature acts as a filter, which checks the websites and decides if they should be opened or not, based on your choices. This can be very useful if a child is using your phone or you simply don't want to see a particular kind of content on your Windows Phone.

To enable and configure this feature, tap the More button, placed next to the search bar.

This will cause a pop-up menu to open. Scroll through the options and tap Web protection.

Now, you can enable or disable this feature depending on your preferences. When Web protection is enabled, you will have a new button for: Categories of websites. Tap this button to block certain types of websites.

Next, choose from the list presented the content you do not want to see on your Windows Phone. These categories include adult content, software, audio, video, alcohol, tobacco, narcotics, violence, profanity, weapons, gambling, lotteries, sweepstakes, Internet communication media, electronic commerce, recruitment, HTTP query redirection, computer games, religions, religious associations and news media.

At the top of the list you will see that phishing and malicious links are always blocked.

Now, every time you access a webpage whose content you chose to block, the browser will notify you about this.

3. Set Your Default Search Engine

Kaspersky Safe Browser has another useful feature which allows you to set the default search engine. To change the default search engine, press the More button placed next to the search bar.

Next, tap Settings.

Now, tap Default search engine and choose one engine from the list. The list contains 4 of the most used search engines: Google, Yandex, Yahoo! and Bing.

4. Pin Websites To Your Start Screen

If you visit a website quite often, Kaspersky Safe Browser allows you to create a tile for it on your Start Screen for quick access.

First, go to the page for which you want to create the tile and press the More button.

Next, tap To desktop.

A tile will be created on your Start screen. Note that the tile is resizeable.

5. Use The Simplified Navigation Tools

Besides the features we've just discussed, you also get navigation tools which are essential for an enjoyable user experience.

You can navigate easily through different tabs, tapping the button placed at the lower left corner of the screen, which will conveniently display the number of tabs opened. Pressing the button will open a list containing the active pages. You can switch to any of them at any time, add other pages or remove the existing ones.

Like any other browser, Kaspersky Safe Browser allows you to group your favorite pages, for quicker access. Find the page you want to add a bookmark for and tap Add to favorites in the More menu.

You can view and access all your favorite pages, in the same menu, by tapping Favorites.

Also, you can visit your recent pages, find on page certain parts of text or share links using the send page option.


As you can see, Kaspersky Safe Browser provides an enjoyable user experience using the simplified navigation tools while you are protected against online fraud or malicious websites. We think this browser offers the most secure online experience on a mobile device. If you have any questions regarding this app don't hesitate to share them with us in the comments below.