7 replies on 5 Internet Explorer Features Other Browsers Should Adopt

  1. Daniel says:

    IE might have some nifty features and be more secure than others but then again, i know alot of people who still don’t know what a browser is. Seeing that IE comes by default, it’s only normal that it’s the first and perhaps last browser that many folks will ever use.

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      I agree. Being the default browser definitely helps keep market share up. However, unlike the old days, Internet Explorer manages to be a pretty good and surprisingly fast browser. Sometimes I feel it faster than Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

  2. Keith D. Swartz says:

    Search for a particular word(s), phrase or sentence on a web page.

  3. Silver Cunningham says:

    Yes! Google toolbar!
    Hav’g *finally* given-up on IE, after los’g count of the # of virus attacks my pc suffered, no matter the anti-vi. (I tried them all, finally decid’g on Panda Pro & love it!)
    But even Panda (imo), the most effective, couldn’t catch them all, consider’g the sheer # of attacks lurking on IE.
    So, unaware of the (then, upcoming) “‘vast improvements'” in IE10; that it’d soon be “neck-&-neck” w. FF[grrr!]I finally gave up on IE &, after a comparative study of the major browsers, switch to Google Chrome.
    What, to my horror, do I discover? Yes, Chrome IS “faster than a speeding bullet,” as compared to IE but…
    Google *Chrome* & Google *Toolbar* are INCOMPATIBLE! (What the he!! were they THINKING?) They’re both from the same *company*, for cyberssakes!
    Tho’ many of the Toolbar’s functions may be available in Chrome (unsure ~ still searching), the number of “clicks” one need to get there (and/or find them)…! (“Aargh!”)
    PS: Thx for lett’g me rant. I feel better now. 😉

  4. gman says:

    After using Firefox and Chrome for a period of time both products fell apart. Slow, terrible performance, not capable of keeping up with various issues. Bloated in size, incompatibilities with numerous web sites and applets on those web sites. Numerous post and request for improvements have moved back to IE9 for the last 8 months and it’s bug free, works and does not do the once an hour abort and/or lose the connection. FWIW: Used Firefox for near 7 years before last several versions started to fail on a routine basis, then switched to Chrome (too many sites are not compatible with the product). In the end I returned to the first browser that I used IE. Perfect NO, better than any of the others YES!

    • Ciprian Adrian Rusen says:

      Internet Explorer 10 takes things to the next level and it is an improvement over Internet Explorer 9. You should try it out. 😀

  5. Rehana says:

    But it still doesn’t have spell check, sorry no spell check no IE, no matter how fast it is. That is one very basic function.

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