Windows Phone

Microsoft has included a brand new app dedicated to helping it’s customers get fast tech support when they encounter problems. It’s a new universal app that works both in Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. The app is named Contact Support and acts as a portal for reaching the appropriate support serv...
Windows Continuum apps
One of the greatest features brought by Microsoft with their latest mobile operating system - Windows 10 Mobile - is the Continuum. It’s that feature that connects your Windows 10 Mobile device to an external display via a Microsoft Display Dock and allows you to have a desktop-like experience anywh...
Ever since Microsoft announced Windows 10 for PCs, hybrid devices, tablets and smartphones, we’ve heard quite a lot about the concept of Windows Universal Apps, or as they are called in tech-speak: Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps. You’ve probably wondered what they are and why Microsoft makes...
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge lets you sync your favorites and your reading list across the devices where you use it. The new browser from Microsoft is able to run this synchronization across all the Windows 10 devices on which you signed in with the same Microsoft account. With the launch of Windows 10 Mobile, th...
There are times when you need a quick screenshot of what’s on the screen of your smartphone. You might have a funny conversation to capture, an error message or a screen from an app that you are using. If you have a smartphone with Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 10 Mobile installed, here’s what you ha...
Microsoft Lumia 550
Microsoft Lumia 550 is the first affordable smartphone with Windows 10 Mobile, released in December 2015, and it was rumored to bring a good user experience even to those who can’t afford a premium device like the Microsoft Lumia 950. Does Windows 10 Mobile work smoothly on a low-budget smartphone a...
Microsoft Display Dock
You might not have heard about the Microsoft Display Dock but you surely heard about Windows 10 Mobile and the Microsoft Lumia 950 or 950 XL smartphones that were launched at the end of 2015. They are the first high-end smartphones with Windows 10 Mobile and the first smartphones that try to replace...
Do you own a smartphone with Windows 10 Mobile installed? It might be a new smartphone like Microsoft Lumia 550 or Microsoft Lumia 950 or an older one on which you installed the Windows 10 Mobile update. If you want to sell your smartphone to someone else or give it to another person as a gift, you...
Have you purchased a new smartphone with Windows 10 Mobile installed? It’s a shiny Microsoft Lumia 950 or Lumia 950 XL? Or maybe an affordable Microsoft Lumia 550? Whatever it is, before you use it, you will have to set up your smartphone. The process involved is lengthy, it involves many steps and...
Apple iTunes and Google Play each have more than a million and a half apps available for download on our smartphones. Amazon and Windows are working their way towards half a million smartphone apps. You would expect that all our smartphones are jam-packed with apps because, you know, someone must be...
Ebook apps
If you like reading and you own a Windows Phone, you may know that it isn’t so easy to find a good Ebook reader app. The number of the available apps is quite small and a lot of them are rather useless, either loaded with ads or you need to pay for them. So, we decided to do a little research and pr...
Microsoft Lumia 950
Microsoft Lumia 950 is the first premium smartphone with Windows 10 Mobile and it comes after more than a year in which Microsoft did not release any premium smartphones. It has been a very long and painful wait and, for Windows fans, the interest in this flagship is very high, as it promises high-e...