What You Said About the Windows 8 Logo

A few days ago, we asked for your opinion on the Windows 8 Logo. Today it is time to look at your votes and feedback and see if you like the new Windows 8 logo or not.


We received a total of 206 votes. Not many, but enough to draw conclusions.

As you can see from the results above, our readers (if not the whole public opinion) do not really like the new Windows 8 logo.


We received a few comments as well, all of them negative. Here is what two of our readers said:

  • Reader Annette M said: "BBBOOOORRRRRIIINNNNNGGGGG! Couldn't they dress it up just a bit?"
  • Readert J. A. Coleman said: "It's not exactly an eyesore. But it does seem like it was put together in a hurry. Not too original. Somewhat bland."

The Discussion Continues

To add to the controversy, many have noticed that the version of the logo published by Microsoft is actually different than what was proposed by the design agency.

For example, Long Zheng published this article: Dear Microsoft, please listen to the people who designed your new Windows 8 logo, in which he talks about the differences shown in the image above.

Personally I agree with him. The version proposed by the Pentagram design studio is better. I enjoy it a lot more than the version posted by Microsoft.

Other websites even compared the new logo to the Scottish flag. See more here: No, It's Not a Scottish Flag... It's the New Windows 8 Logo!.

I hope Microsoft will listen to public feedback. Otherwise they just created a logo that will not be enjoyed by the public and which will be the subject of jokes and irony in the tech world.