We are Writing a Book - Would you Consider Buying it?

You might have noticed that, starting in June, I've written a very small number of articles on 7 Tutorials: mostly blog posts, details about our competitions and celebrations. The reason I've done this is that I am working on two things: writing a networking book for Windows 7 users and writing about project management (my daily "job"). In this post I want to give you details about our book and get your feedback. Therefore, do us a big favor by reading this post and leaving your comments. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

What is the Book About?

The book's title will most probably be "Home Networking for Windows 7 Users". We want to create a book which helps normal people, with no spectacular computing and networking skills, have a pleasant networking experience at home. The book will cover networking between computers with Windows 7 installed. It will also consider network interoperability aspects with other operating systems such as: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Ubuntu Linux, Mac OS X.

We will cover also topics such as media streaming over your home network or the internet, sharing devices such as network printers or transferring files between your computer and mobile devices.

You can find the current chapter structure attached at the bottom of this article.

Learning how to write...

What are We Trying to Achieve?

We want to achieve many things with this book. Some of our objectives include:

  • Centralize the team's networking knowledge in a coherent, well organized form. Our team is very diverse - we are people with very different backgrounds, skills, age and life-experience. We've written a lot so far and will continue to do so. One of our objectives is to centralize all our knowledge in a well organized format which can help people more than we already do with the site.
  • Help normal people get their home network setup right, so that they can easily interact with all computers and devices on the network. Networking is sometimes a challenge even for IT professionals. Imagine how hard it can be for people working in medicine, law, economics, constructions, etc. Even if home networking got much easier with Windows 7, it's still not that much of a plug & play experience as it should be. We believe that, creating a book which shows people how to manage all networking tasks in Windows 7 can be of great value.
  • We want to spread the word about 7 Tutorials and our team. We've managed to build a moderately successful site so far. We want to continue to grow and spread the word about our work on more channels. If we manage to create a great book - we just might get some of the "fame" we feel we deserve. :)
  • Make money - while this might sound like an egoistic objective, we do think it's a goal worthwhile chasing. So far, the site is not exactly paying all its bills and we want to get to a point where we generate also a bit of profit. Getting some financial rewards for the work we do out of passion is only fair, right?

The list of objectives is long enough. I'm not sure we will manage to pull off everything we want to achieve with this book, but we will surely try.

Would you Consider Buying our Book?

We've asked this before, in a survey which did not share any details. Now that we've shared more about what we want to do, please tell us what you think. Would you buy a book from us?

What format would you prefer - eBook, classic paper book, both? How much would you pay for it?

We really want your feedback, so don't hesitate to comment. You are our audience and your opinions are very important, especially on this topic.

What's Next?

First... we need to finish the book. We've written a good portion of it but there's plenty of work left. Once done, we will start looking for a publisher. At the same time we will start a series of proof-reading activities, so that the book has a smaller number of mistakes and it is as coherent and useful as possible. If you want to help, let us know. We need all the help we can get.

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