Uncovering Artists Through Windows 7 Themes – Andrei Niculescu

After having met Mihai Fischer and Georgiana Girboan, in today’s article we’ll introduce another Romanian photographer: Andrei Niculescu. Andrei’s work includes impressive panoramas and, recently, street portraiture. To demonstrate his skills, he will share with us photos that cover these two themes. If you are ready to find out more about Andrei and also get your hands on some impressive Windows 7 themes, read this article.

Introducing Andrei Niculescu

Andrei Niculescu

Andrei Niculescu’s work impressed us from the first few pictures we have seen. We liked the street portraits because of their sharp, direct way of capturing the subjects and the panoramas due to the level of detail, clarity and composition. Inviting him to collaborate with us was something we considered immediately. It was so hard to choose only a few of his photos for a theme, that we ended up creating two themes: one with great panoramas and another with interesting street portraits. To make things “harder” when choosing photos to include in a theme, Andrei even made some new panoramic pictures, especially for 7 Tutorials and our readers. Awesome guy, isn’t he?

Before we share the themes with you, let’s find out more about Andrei Niculescu and his work. He first started by sharing his work on Flickr, to receive feedback on his creations from other Flickr users – aspiring photographers or professionals. After some time, he decided to “open” his work to a more general audience by switching to Facebook, to see what people who are not working in the photography branch had to say.

But… enough of us talking. Let’s see what Andrei shared with us about himself and his work:

What’s your biggest achievement so far?

After switching over from the aspiring photographers audience on Flickr to the general public on Facebook, the popularity gain was overwhelming. The biggest achievement for me, was being able to manage the expectations of my new audience.

What do you think makes photos stand out?

A special quality photograph has to capture a certain unseen side of things. As an example, it can be the passage of time, excessively short or long, depending on the context. Also, photography is a play with perspectives, because we don’t always have the benefit of being at the right distance from our subjects. I also count on being able to have the viewer make different associations than I expect. Another quality is the appearance of spontaneity.

What are your defining moments as a photographer?

I recall having a photo on Flickr that achieved the ridiculously high number of 40000 views, completely overturning my expectations that only great photographs have that level of attention. I remember quitting a studio job for not receiving a pay raise to continue churning out junk. Trying to work in the local press didn’t work out either. What did work well for me, was a job to capture whatever i felt like, during some late night parties – searching for the right moment to make a good portrait in a mostly non intrusive manner.

What do you tend to emphasize in your post processing?

I try to make use of the entire dynamic range of the camera – so I use a feature called the U-Point, to selectively control the tonality and contrast of objects (a sort of digital doge and burn technique). Most of the other “special effects” – sharp, blur, color – I try to achieve directly at the time of capture.

What gear and applications do you use for your work?

I use a Nikon D300s DSLR and a Nikkor 180mm AF f 2.8 for street portraiture. Also, I prefer to use smaller prime lenses over zooms like the 28 and 35mm for landscapes. For processing I use Nikon’s software Capture NX 2 – although slow, it makes up for it in accuracy, PT Gui for panoramas and general stitching. I use Adobe Photoshop CS5 when layers are involved.

Let’s speak a bit about computers: Do you use Windows 7? What do you like about it?

Windows 7 is a logical continuation of previous Windows operating system. Although bulky it is very stable in my experience. I use a 64 bit version and I habitually reformat the system, usually once every month or two so that it doesn’t clutter too much. 🙂

Enjoy Andrei Niculescu’s Work Through a Windows 7 Theme

Unfortunately, the thumbnails below can’t show even half of how impressive Andrei’s panoramas are. Download the panoramas theme to check them out in detail.

Andrei Niculescu Panoramas Theme

Although it sounds like a cliche, each of the photos from the street portraiture theme will make you think about the story behind it. Install the theme to see for yourself.

Andrei Niculescu Street Portraits Theme

The panoramas theme can be downloaded from here. The portraits them can be downloaded from here.

COPYRIGHT: Andrei Niculescu. If you plan to use the pictures included in this theme for something else than your desktop backgrounds, you need written permission from their author.

Follow Andrei’s Work

If you liked Andrei Niculescu’s work, we invite you to check out more of his photos and subscribe to Andrei’s Facebook page, to get regular updates.

We thank Andrei for working with us, for his patience when selecting the photos to include in our themes, for creating some new works for our readers. But, most of all, for his endurance of working with an editor used to writing tutorials not interviews.