Network and Internet

Telnet client
Telnet was developed as a network protocol in 1969 and it was popular for many years, until the rise of Internet broadband and of more secure alternatives. You might be surprised to learn that even today there are still plenty of Telnet servers and resources available, including several active commu...
TP-LINK Archer C7
TP-LINK Archer C7 has been launched for more than a year and it’s one of the few wireless routers with a strong reputation on the market. This is the reason why we wanted to test it, so late after its launch. Its price has plunged in recent months and it’s one of the most popular wireless routers in...
ASUS RT-AC5300 was unveiled at the end of 2015 and it is now being launched in markets worldwide. It’s a wireless router that made the news mostly because of its looks. This massive, over-the-top wireless router looks as if it was designed by Spiderman. It also features the highest number of externa...
The ASUS PL-N12 kit is a set of two devices that allow you to extend your wired or wireless network (or both) to hard-to-reach areas, using the powerline in your home. If you need a wireless network in your basement or you want fast wired network connections without installing too many cables in you...
If you have a network where multiple devices and operating systems are used, you might not be able to use the Homegroup for easy network sharing. In such situations, you need to share your folders and devices using different procedures. For example, sharing a printer with the network involves a diff...
Facebook makes an important move by replacing the Photo Sync feature from its main smartphone app with a new standalone app, called Moments. This will force users to download it, if they want to post their pictures to Facebook. This app promises an easier way to share photos but is only available on...
If you are a mobile user who travels a lot, then you need a way to work or have fun, while flying. Luckily, just like any smartphone operating system, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 both have a feature called Airplane mode. You can turn it on so that you can use your laptop or tablet while flying. Here'...
revenge porn
Revenge porn is a phenomenon that is on the rise on the Web. Each year more and more people are victims, most of them women. And many victims have limited knowledge of what they can do to remove the content that was posted without their consent. In order to help, we published a series of tutorials t...
Simple questions: What is VPN?
You have probably heard about VPN's, but there is a high possibility you have not used this type of services until now. Well, we have to tell that you should and as soon as possible. You will not see its true value now, but over time, you will most probably find VPN's as important as your Internet c...
Remote Desktop Connection
If you are running a Windows-based computer, you can connect to another computer using the Remote Desktop Connection tool. This application allows you to use all the resources of the host machine through your PC’s display. In other words, using this program you can control another Windows PC via you...
"Revenge porn" is when people distribute nude or sexual explicit images and/or videos without the consent of their victims. It's a really vile thing to do, but it's a reality we must acknowledge. Some states and countries are slowly starting to react against it, but until they will be able to help "...
VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, have become widely used tools that help people and companies to securely access a private network and, also, to remotely share sensitive data through public networks. The main ideea is that VPNs can generate virtual P2P (point-to-point) connections, so-called encry...