Network and Internet

Did you ever use a powerline adapter kit to extend the coverage of your network? Have you ever considered this idea? Personally, after testing all kinds of networking devices, I prefer a powerful powerline adapter kit to a range extender. It’s more elegant and it tends to work better. And the kit th...
When the Windows 10 operating system was launched, everyone started talking about a feature called Wi-Fi Sense. Although it was, and still is, a very useful feature, designed to make our lives easier, the way it worked caused a lot of stir in the media. Why? Because it was a feature that could be us...
When it comes to a pleasant internet experience, the speed of your connection plays a crucial role. The speed can be low if all you need is to send emails without attachments or do some text chat. However, your requirements will increase if you need to stream music or video on your smartphone. In or...
D-Link DIR-820L
Do you need a wireless router that costs less than 40 bucks? Do you want it to be dual-band, with support for modern standards like the very fast 802.11ac? Do you want it to be small, without external antennas and to look good? Then, D-LINK DIR-820L revision B1 might be a good choice. We have tested...
When you are on vacation, you travel to all kinds of places, including mountains and beaches. You will take your smartphone with you and maybe your tablet or a laptop. You may have an internet connection on your smartphone but, most probably you won’t have one on your other devices. If you need inte...
Earlier versions of Windows operating systems like Windows 7 had the option to set a specific network to be either Public or Private. If you want to find other computers, devices or any other content available on your network, then you should set it as Private, or if you don't want to, switch its lo...
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft officially released Windows 10 a year ago and, at that time, they promised that their Microsoft Edge web browser would soon support add-ons or extensions. Although it took them a lot more time than we had been expecting, now Microsoft Edge finally gets the extension support that was promis...
Windows Update
Traditionally, the updates for any Windows device were delivered directly from Microsoft's Windows Update servers. While this is the most secure way of getting untampered files, it's not the fastest delivery method that you can use. Windows 10 computers and devices can connect to each other and get...
Microsoft Edge
Apple has AirPlay and Google has Chromecast. But what does Microsoft have? Miracast, of course, which is a multiplatform standard - a technology which anybody can use and implement in the hardware they build and in the software they develop. With Windows 10, Microsoft embraced Miracast more than eve...
Miracast is a great piece of technology, one that, at times, it can ease your life a lot. Whether it’s because you need to make a presentation and the fastest way you can do it is project your device’s screen to a Miracast enabled projector, or because you want to watch a movie you have on your smar...
TP-LINK Archer C3200
Although it has a confusing name, depending on where you look, TP-LINK Archer C3200 or TP-LINK AC3200 is a high-end tri-band wireless router with impressive hardware and lots of promise in terms of speed and coverage. It also happens to be more compact than other similar AC3200 wireless routers and...
Network card
Desperate times call for desperate measures and such is that moment when your internet connection doesn’t want to work and every troubleshooting idea you had seems to fail. When such a situation occurs, a last resort action you can take is to reset your network adapter(s). Although you will have to...