Trust Veza wireless keyboard review


If you’re looking for an affordable wireless keyboard that also has a touchpad, Trust is one of the manufacturers that make such devices. The Trust Veza is a wireless keyboard that works with computers, notebooks, and also with smart TVs. Do you want to find out whether the Trust Veza might be a good choice for your next portable or couch wireless keyboard? Read this review and find out:

Trust Veza wireless keyboard: Who is it good for?

The Trust Veza keyboard is a good choice for:

  • People who want a wireless keyboard to use with a smart TV
  • Users who want a portable keyboard that includes a touchpad
  • People with a limited budget

Pros and cons

There are some good things to say about the Trust Veza keyboard:

  • Low price
  • Its touchpad is large and well placed
  • It should work with smart TVs, as well as computers and laptops

There are some downsides too:

  • The build quality is not impressive
  • Typing a lot on this keyboard is not a productive experience
  • It doesn’t support Bluetooth connections
Notă produs 3/5


The Trust Veza is an affordable wireless keyboard that is built for light use, in tandem with devices such as Smart TVs. Typing on it is not the most pleasant experience, and the build quality could be better. However, the touchpad is large, well placed, and useful. We like the fact that Veza is truly plug-and-play, and it works with almost any device that has a free USB port. While there are better products on the market, Trust Veza is a choice to consider for people with a limited budget.

Unboxing the Trust Veza wireless keyboard

The Trust Veza arrives in a relatively small cardboard box that, on the front side, features a large photo of the keyboard, as well as its name and main features. On the backside, you can find more details about Veza’s specs, features, and compatible devices.

Trust Veza wireless keyboard: The box

Opening the box reveals the rather barebone contents: the Trust Veza keyboard, its small USB wireless adapter, two AAA batteries, the quick start guide, and warranty documents.

Trust Veza wireless keyboard: What’s inside the box

Unboxing the Trust Veza wireless keyboard is a straightforward experience. We appreciate the fact that the manufacturer bundles the two AAA batteries needed to power on this device.

Design and hardware specifications

The Veza wireless keyboard is advertised by Trust to be a “full-size keyboard for quick and comfortable typing.” This is not true: this keyboard is smaller than regular laptop keyboards. Here’s a comparison with the keyboard found on a Lenovo Legion Y520, for comparison:

A laptop keyboard vs. Trust Veza

Trust Veza weighs 327 grams (11.53 oz), is 353 mm (13.9″) long, 130 mm (5.12″) wide, and 16 mm (0.63″) tall. These dimensions are indeed close to those of a full-sized tenkeyless keyboard. However, Veza also includes a touchpad on its right side, where numerical keys are found on full-sized keyboards.

Veza is a wireless keyboard. To connect to other devices, such as computers, laptops, gaming consoles, or even smart TVs, it uses the 2.4 GHz radio frequency. It doesn’t have Bluetooth and this means that you can use it only together with its USB receiver. The maximum wireless range you get is up to 10 meters.

To power it up, you need to insert two AAA batteries inside the Trust Veza keyboard. They have their special place behind a small plastic drawer on the bottom of the keyboard, next to the power switch. This is also a place where you can hide the USB receiver when you’re not using it. Theoretically, a set of new batteries should last you for about three months.

The backside of the Trust Veza wireless keyboard

The keys on the Trust Veza are flat and appear to be made of cheap plastic. There’s no illumination behind them, the paint job on them makes the character look rough, and the larger keys tend to wobble.

The Trust Veza wireless keyboard

Besides the standard keys, on the top-left corner, the Trust Veza also has a “mouse left-click” button and three independent volume control keys. You can use them to turn the volume up, down, or mute it.

The volume keys found on the Trust Veza wireless keyboard

According to Trust, the Veza wireless keyboard is a plug and play device, and it’s compatible with the Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS operating systems. If you’d like to see all its specs and features, visit Trust Veza Wireless Keyboard with touchpad.

The hardware specifications of the Trust Veza are not impressive. However, the fact that it’s lightweight and the inclusion of a touchpad might make it attractive for people who want a portable keyboard to use with their smart TV.

Using the Trust Veza wireless keyboard

Unfortunately, our experience using the Trust Veza keyboard was a bit underwhelming. The keys have flat surfaces, and the larger ones, such as Enter and Shift, are wobbly. Furthermore, the arrow keys, the Right Ctrl, and the Right Shift are so crammed into one another that we missed them nearly every time. This makes typing difficult.

The arrow keys are squeezed and small

On the other hand, the touchpad is quite nice. Both its surface and its left and right buttons are large and easy to use. Furthermore, the right side positioning of the touchpad on the keyboard is ideal if you’re right-handed.

The touchpad and its buttons are large

We connected the Trust Veza wireless keyboard to a Windows 10 desktop computer, a laptop, and also to an LG smart TV. As you might expect, it worked without issues on the PC and notebook. The surprise was that it also worked well on the smart TV, although the wireless range was short – less than four meters. Still, that was enough for us to enjoy controlling the smart TV from the couch.

The Trust Veza is an affordable wireless keyboard that is designed for light use, mostly in tandem with a smart TV. The touchpad is large, well placed, and pleasant to use. It works well as you don’t need to do a lot of typing. If you plan to use it for productivity, there are better wireless keyboards out there.

Would you buy the Trust Veza wireless keyboard?

Now you know our opinion about the Trust Veza wireless keyboard, what we like and what we don’t like about it. Before closing this review, tell us what you think about this product. If you already have it, don’t hesitate to share your experience with us. Comment below, and let’s discuss.