The Trip to 6 Months of 7 Tutorials

We are 6 months old, we've given away some cool prizes and we can't wait for the future. But today it is time to reflect on what happened so far, what we've managed to achieve and what not. If you're curious to know how we've done so far, give this article a read.

6 Months in Numbers

We did not have a goal set for the first six months. However, we do want to grow 7 Tutorials to be as big as Windows Vista for Beginners was after 2,5 years (when we sold it to another owner) in only 1.5 years. After 6 months it might be too early to tell if we will get there, but we do have some nice stats to show off.

In the first six months we've got a total of 237.296 pageviews which means an average of 39.549 pageviews/month.

This is slightly worse than what we achieved with Windows Vista for Beginners but we do better at other stats which are more important to us. For example, we do slightly better at the average time spent on site.

Also, we are very pleased to see that we have 702 RSS subscribers (which is triple the number for and 287 e-mail subscribers (which is approximately 4 times better than with Windows Vista for Beginners). The bigger numbers in subscribers also translates in better stats for visitors' loyalty which matters a lot to us.

In terms of traffic sources, search engines rule with 46.51% while direct traffic is at 16.25%.

When it comes to browsers, we are happy to see Firefox on first place with 45% and Google Chrome going strong with 9.20%.

August 2009: The Best Windows Website of 2009

In august we enrolled in The Best Windows Website of 2009 competition. And guess what? After less than 60 days since the site launch, we've won third place. Not bad for a site barely launched. :)

Thanks to all of you who voted for us back then.

September 2009: Security for Everyone Rocks!

In September 2009, we started working with Alexandru Lazar, a totally awesome geek. He truly rocked with his Security for Everyone series. Alexandru reviewed plenty of security solutions and awarded 'Buy for Grandma' awards to the best of the best. Plenty of people loved the series but unfortunately he had to step out. Due to some personal problems he can no longer continue writing.

We wish him the best and we hope we will manage to find somebody cool enough to resume his great work. If you know anybody, give us a sign. We would love to meet him or her.

October 2009: TinyHacker Launched

The one & only How-To Geek launched TinyHacker, a random geek links site. And guess what? We've helped with the launch, and yours truly - Ciprian, known also as the Corporate Geek :) - is one of the occasional editors, finding cool hacks & links for you. So, if you haven't payed a visit, do so now. :)

October 2009: Florina Muntenescu Talks Visual Customization

Florina Muntenescu joined us in October 2009. She managed to kick off our series on visual customization and since then she managed to publish quite a few articles. In 2010 she will continue the series and turn it into the most complete visual customization series you can get for Windows 7. So... stay tuned. She has plenty of stuff left to share.

December 2009: We've got 8 Editors

In November we kicked off the hunt for editors. We needed somebody to help us out & get more work done in less time. And lucky we were to find quite a few people. So far, we've worked on fine-tuning the writing style and adjusting to working together in such a big team. For 2010, expect more interesting articles from the whole team and a slightly bigger frequency.

What's Next?

For starters, we will do our best to reach our goals in terms of visitors and readers. We will try to increase the frequency of articles and come with new competitions & ways to engage you. I hope you will enjoy the ride and stick with us as your main source of Windows 7 tutorials.

If you've got some cool ideas for us or just want to say "congrats", we don't mind if you leave a comment. :)

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