Survey: What Do You Think of the Windows 8 Logo?

Windows 8 just received its new logo, which integrates well with the new touch-based interface called Metro, that will be used heavily in Windows 8. We would like to share this logo with you, the history of Windows logos and ask for your opinion: Do you like it? What do you think?

A History of Windows Logos

Below you can see a brief visual history of the Windows logos, from version one to Windows 8.

You can easily see that many of them were not that different but the Windows 8 logo does stand out. Also, it looks like Microsoft is going back to its roots - Windows 1.0 - as the two logos have some similarities.

Microsoft worked with Pentagram - the world's largest independent design consultancy - to create this logo. Pentagram also shared an animated version of the logo which you can see below.

Windows 8 Transparency from Pentagram on Vimeo.

They shared some other animated concepts too which, even though they are not spectacular, they do give a better idea of how they designed the final version of this logo. If you want to browse through these concepts, check this blog post: New Work: Microsoft Windows 8.

Do You Like the New Windows 8 Logo?

Look again at the new logo.

Look at a screenshot of the Metro interface, to put things into perspective.

Now... vote!

If you want to share more than just your vote, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. We can’t wait to have some interesting conversations.