Spread the Word & Win One of Five ESET Smart Security 6 Licenses

While reviewing ESET Smart Security 6, we were impressed by its design, usability and performance in securing a Windows computer. Then, we thought: what if we were to reward our readers by organizing a giveaway together with the folks from ESET? We contacted them and they agreed to sponsor us. Today we can reward our readers with one of the best security products on the market. Here’s how you can win a license.

NOTE: Today is the last day to enter this giveaway.

Prize - ESET Smart Security 6

While reviewing ESET Smart Security 6, we were impressed with its performance and usability. If you follow our work for some time, you know how picky we are when reviewing security products. This year, only three products so far have won our ultimate badge of "Buy for Everyone!" and ESET is one of them.

ESET Smart Security 6

We concluded our review by stating: "Version 6 is very effective, easy to use and light on system resources. Also, it bundles only tools and features that provide real value to you as a user. There’s no junk you won’t like or won’t use. Great job ESET! This product definitely deserves its place amongst the best internet security suites on the market..."

ESET has decided to sponsor us and give away five ESET Smart Security 6 licenses, valid for one year and one PC.

How to Win - Spread the Word

In order to participate in this giveaway, you simply need to spread the word about this giveaway. There are plenty of ways you can do so. Simply choose a method that works best for you and send an e-mail with "the proof" to 7tutorials [@] gmail [.] com.

You can spread the news via any social network you are using: Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. If you are active in a community that doesn’t have a policy against sharing news about giveaways, then don’t hesitate to publish a post about it. If you have your own blog, you can even publish a small post about this giveaway.

There are other ways you can spread the word. If you find another way of spreading the word about this giveaway, send us an e-mail, sharing what you did and you are eligible to participate.

IMPORTANT: please send us an e-mail with the links/screenshots/etc. If you only post a comment at the end of this article, we cannot include you in the giveaway. We don’t use the personal data of those who comment on our website.

Deadline - May 20, 2013

Deadline: you need to do this by May 20, 2013. All e-mails/proof received by the end of that day, will be taken into consideration.

The giveaway is closed and the winners have been announced.

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