ESET Smart Security
ESET creates some of the best security products in the world, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that we wanted to test and review their latest security suite for Windows PCs: ESET Smart Security. This antivirus and anti-malware product wants to provide its users with all the protection layers and securi...
Besides creating a great antivirus engine, Kaspersky also develops other types of security products like Kaspersky Safe Kids. It’s a parental control application that aims to offer parents all the tools they need to monitor and control the computing activities of their children. Kaspersky Safe Kids ...
2017 is getting closer and most security vendors have started to release new versions of their products. That means that we too are ready to resume our “Security for everyone” series and evaluate which are the best and worst security products of the year. As Kaspersky is one of the best names on the...
Heimdal Pro
The security market is filled with products that aim to protect you against all kinds of cyber threats. There are plenty of solutions that offer good antivirus protection or a good firewall. However, there are not many security products designed to watch over the vulnerabilities found in the third p...
ASUS ZenFone 3 ZE520KL
The fall season is here and ASUS is ready with a new series of ZenFone smartphones. The company is launching three different models, all in the same generation: the ASUS ZenFone 3, the ASUS ZenFone 3 Deluxe and the ASUS ZenFone 3 Ultra. All of them have solid hardware characteristics and each smartp...
Office 365 for Dummies
Subscription software is a relatively new concept. Even though licensing agreements have always made it quite clear that you don’t actually own the software that you believe you have bought, people have always tended to ignore that (if they read the EULA at all). So the notion of software that you h...
Mio Cyclo 200
Are you into cycling? Do you ride your bike frequently? Have you considered purchasing a GPS device for tracking your rides and getting instructions on how to go to one place or another? Do you want a device that you can mount on your bike and use to navigate through cycling trails? If you do, then...
Huawei AM08 Swan Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Huawei is an electronics company best known for its Android smartphones. However, their portfolio is more diverse than that and it also includes portable Bluetooth speakers. One of their more recent models is called the Huawei Swan Portable Bluetooth Speaker (AM08), a portable speaker with a very in...
Legacy of the beast
When designers create a game that is based on a book, a movie or even a band, there are some risks assumed - mostly that it might appeal only to the fans of that particular thing it will be based on. Today’s subject is Legacy of the beast, an action-RPG that focuses on one of the legendary metal ban...
We love it when we get to test premium networking devices like the fastest wireless routers in the world or the latest and the greatest in the world of repeaters and range extenders. Today, we will review for you the latest top-tier range extender from ASUS: RP-AC68U. It’s an impressive device that’...
Mio Spirit 8500 LM
It’s been awhile since we’ve looked at a GPS car navigation system from a critic’s point of view, but that time has finally come, as a few weeks ago we received the new Mio Spirit 8500 LM for testing. This one’s a device that is yet to be found in stores, but which will soon be and which promises to...
Did you ever use a powerline adapter kit to extend the coverage of your network? Have you ever considered this idea? Personally, after testing all kinds of networking devices, I prefer a powerful powerline adapter kit to a range extender. It’s more elegant and it tends to work better. And the kit th...