Mio Spirit 8500 LM
It’s been awhile since we’ve looked at a GPS car navigation system from a critic’s point of view, but that time has finally come, as a few weeks ago we received the new Mio Spirit 8500 LM for testing. This one’s a device that is yet to be found in stores, but which will soon be and which promises to...
Did you ever use a powerline adapter kit to extend the coverage of your network? Have you ever considered this idea? Personally, after testing all kinds of networking devices, I prefer a powerful powerline adapter kit to a range extender. It’s more elegant and it tends to work better. And the kit th...
The ASUSPRO B8430UA or ASUS PRO B8430UA (depending on where you buy it from) is a notebook that is aimed at the business sector. It’s a device that has a classic look, it’s built to last and it offers plenty of hardware power. We received this notebook for testing a couple of weeks ago and since the...
D-Link DIR-820L
Do you need a wireless router that costs less than 40 bucks? Do you want it to be dual-band, with support for modern standards like the very fast 802.11ac? Do you want it to be small, without external antennas and to look good? Then, D-LINK DIR-820L revision B1 might be a good choice. We have tested...
ASUS ZenBook UX305UA
A few weeks ago, we started testing a great ultrabook from ASUS, called the ZenBook UX305UA. It is the successor to the acclaimed ASUS ZenBook UX305 and it will replace the older model in shops worldwide. We are dealing with an ultrabook that has an affordable price, beautiful design, good hardware...
When you are on vacation, you travel to all kinds of places, including mountains and beaches. You will take your smartphone with you and maybe your tablet or a laptop. You may have an internet connection on your smartphone but, most probably you won’t have one on your other devices. If you need inte...
Epson SureColor P600
With the rise of the smartphone, more and more people discover the wonderful world of photography. You might discover not only that you are drawn to making photos, but you also have a talent for it. And you’ll start making more photos, one more beautiful than the other. And then comes that moment wh...
Aukey CC-T7
All of us have mobile devices that are, well, mobile. And they all need to be charged from time to time. And we can’t always just run home to use the plug-in wall-wart charger the device came with.  :)  Thus, chargers designed to be used in cars are almost a necessity, and the better those work, the...
Firewalls Don't Stop Dragons
As you may have noticed, here at Digital Citizen we take cyber security very seriously. Our long-running Security for Everyone series has kept our readers up to date with the latest security software for years now, along with reviews that tell it like it is. While our series does a great job of comp...
TP-LINK Archer C3200
Although it has a confusing name, depending on where you look, TP-LINK Archer C3200 or TP-LINK AC3200 is a high-end tri-band wireless router with impressive hardware and lots of promise in terms of speed and coverage. It also happens to be more compact than other similar AC3200 wireless routers and...
TP-Link Groovi Ripple
The Groovi Ripple is TP-LINK’s first ever portable Bluetooth speaker, so it’s obvious that the networking company is trying to enter new markets. Although they have a very good reputation when it comes to the networking devices that they create, this is their first encounter with portable sound tech...
Some of our readers asked us to test the most popular free antivirus scanners found online. Since such scanners are useful in providing a good second opinion, without having to install a fully-featured security product, we thought it is worthwhile to evaluate such products. We’ve tested the 10 most...