Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview Themes for Windows 7

One of the differences about Windows 8 is that its themes are not compatible with Windows 7. The extension with which they are saved is different, as well as the way they are packaged. Therefore you cannot copy and paste a theme from one operating system to another. That’s why we decided to extract the images included in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and create two themes that work on Windows 7: one with the default desktop wallpapers and one with the images used for the lock screen in Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

The Images Included in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview Theme

We included all the images, starting with the iconic fish wallpaper.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Wallpapers

Below you can see a screenshot with all the wallpapers included in the first theme.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Wallpapers

We created also a second theme with wallpapers used for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview lock screen. Some of them look great and I’m sure you will love to have them on your Windows 7 computer.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Wallpapers

Download the Windows 8 Consumer Preview Theme for Windows 7

This is the download link for the first theme and this for the second theme.


I hope you will enjoy these two themes. If you are looking for other great looking themes for Windows 7, don’t hesitate to try our recommendations below.

About the Author: Ciprian Adrian Rusen
I love technology and I work in IT for more than a decade. I am the co-founder of Digital Citizen and its chief editor. Alongside my work as an editor, I am also an author. I have written and published 7 books, most of them about Microsoft products and technologies. They are translated into more than 12 languages. In 2014, I have been recognized by Microsoft for my technical expertise and involvement in the community with the title of Microsoft MVP - Windows Consumer Expert.