Download 3 High Definition Themes for Windows 7 Inspired by Windows 8

As of today, Windows 8 is available through different official channels. And we would like to celebrate this event and share with you three Windows 7 themes that include the wallpapers and high-resolution images bundled with Windows 8. Until you get your hands on Windows 8 you can have your own Windows 8-like desktop in Windows 7.

The Images Included In the Windows 8 Inspired Themes

There are many images included in this theme pack, including the iconic default wallpaper used by Windows 8.

Windows 8 Wallpapers

We split everything into three themes. The first is named Flowers and includes seven great looking wallpapers featuring beautiful flowers.

Windows 8 Wallpapers

The second theme is named Earth and includes six wallpapers with great landscapes around the world.

Windows 8 Wallpapers

The third is named Lock Screen and includes all the wallpapers used for the Windows 8 lock screen.

Windows 8 Wallpapers

Download the Windows 8 Inspired Themes for Windows 7

You can download the themes from here: Flowers theme, Earth theme and the Lock Screen theme.


I hope you will enjoy this theme pack. If you are looking for other great looking themes for Windows 7, don’t hesitate to try our recommendations below.