Best of the Web for Windows Users – 5 – 11 August 2013

This week, engineers working in the SkyDrive team gave answers to some of the burning questions about this app in Windows 8.1, Bing teamed up with 500px to bring pictures of aspiring and professional photographers to the experience. Windows Store users can now perform searches from a web browser and Microsoft has released a series of videos showcasing Xbox One's accessories. Official warnings have been issued regarding a Windows Phone vulnerability that allows password theft. For links to these stories and more, check out this week's round-up.

The Best Tech Related News

First, the most interesting news of the week:

Microsoft Reveals New Windows 8.1 RTM Feature - Two engineers working in the SkyDrive team provided details on upcoming updates for this app in Windows 8.1 RTM.

Bing and 500px Team Up to Showcase World Class Photography - In the coming months, Bing will highlight select images from over 2.5 million members of the 500px community.

Microsoft finally lets you search the Windows Store from your web browser - The Windows Store is finally available from a web browser. Users can now search for apps, instead of having to use the Store app for this task.

New Microsoft videos show off Xbox One controller and its accessories - Microsoft rolled out three new videos promoting Xbox One's controller, battery and its chat headset. You can check out the highlights in this article.

Windows Phone update in testing, includes rotation lock and text syncing to PCs - Sources inside Microsoft have revealed that the company is working on a general distribution 3 update that might feature a rotation lock feature, user interface changes to Live Tiles, and a driving mode option that's designed for in-car use.

Windows Phones susceptible to password theft when connecting to rogue Wi-Fi - After Microsoft warned Windows Phone users that they might be vulnerable to password theft, Ars Technica recommended that they turn on certificate requirement before connecting to WPA2 networks.

The Best Tech Tips & Guides

Here are some useful tips and tricks from our friends in the IT blogosphere:

How to Use Microsoft Word 2013's Built-in Screenshot Tool - How-To Geek continued its series of articles on new Microsoft Word features and how to use them. They published this handy guide to taking screenshots using the Word processor.

Why can't old PCs view modern sites? - The Super User community tackled the question of why newer websites don't work on old PCs. The reasons are many as one might expect, some more obvious than others. You can check out the full list here.

How Can I Make LinkedIn More Useful in Landing a Job? - Lifehacker showed how anyone can fine-tune their LinkedIn profiles for better efficiency in job hunting.

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