Best of the Web for Windows Users – 25 November - 1 December 2013

Skype product manager, Jeff Kunins, revealed to The Verge that Microsoft is working on fixing the glitches in Skype's messaging system. Research firm IHS looked under the hood of the Xbox One and issued a report on its findings. Microsoft is increasing their internet traffic encryption over fears of the NSA looking into its global communication links. The OneNote App received a major update that improves how you capture, find and view your notes. Winamp lovers have taken to the internet in an attempt to either save or make the popular music player open source. For links to these stories and more, check out this week's round-up.

The Best Tech Related News

First, the most interesting news of the week about Microsoft and its products:

Microsoft is fixing Skype messaging, ‘fun things' planned for Windows Phone8.1 - Skype product manager, Jeff Kunins, talked to the Verge about Microsoft's involvement in fixing Skype messaging.

Microsoft's Xbox One Costs $90 More to Build Than Sony's PS4, Teardown Shows - Research firm IHS has dissected Xbox One and analyzed the cost and purpose of all its bits and pieces. All the exclusive details are in this article.

Microsoft, suspecting NSA spying, to ramp up efforts to encrypt its Internet traffic - Microsoft is moving toward a major new effort to encrypt its internet traffic amid fears that the National Security Agency may have broken into its global communications links.

Nokia's Lumia 525 upgrades its bestselling Windows Phone with more memory - A close look at the successor of the popular Nokia Lumia 520, now with more space, but a similar design.

A BIG OneNote update for Windows note-taking devices - The OneNote app received a big update this week that significantly improves how you capture, find and view your notes.

Winamp lovers beg AOL to open source code - Fans of Winamp have launched a "Save Winamp" website and petition asking AOL either to keep Winamp alive or to open source its code.

Microsoft: 'We plan to take care of customers' with faulty Xbox Ones (update) - After reports of troubles with Xbox One launch consoles, Microsoft has issued a statement that the consoles in questions will be immediately replaced.

The Best Tech Tips & Guides

Here are some useful tips and tricks from our friends in the IT blogosphere:

WebCacheImageInfo is a cross-browser image cache explorer for Windows - For those of you who want to know more about your web browsing habits, WebCacheImageInfo allows users to browse through and view cached images.

Smart TVs Are Stupid: Why You Don't Really Want a Smart TV - How-To Geek urges its readers not to give in to the Smart TV craze and lists the reasons behind the recommendation.

From the author: Enhance the security of Windows 8.1 devices, using only built-in tools - Our very own Ciprian Rusen goes through the top 9 security tools offered by Windows 8.1 for the Microsoft Press blog.

The Best of 7 Tutorials in November 2013

Last but not least, we would like to share the best articles we have published in November:

Simple Questions: What is the Network and Sharing Center in Windows? - The Network and Sharing Center is the central panel from where most of your networking activities are performed. This tutorials shares the tasks that can be launched from this panel and how to access it.

Uncovering Artists Through Windows Themes - Wojciech Toman - After a small break, we resumed our series of interviews and great looking Windows themes. Wojciech Toman has shared with us some beautiful pictures from the Tatra National Park in Poland. They are worth having as your desktop wallpapers.

How to Use the Action Center in Windows 8 & 8.1 to Keep Your PC Secure - If you want to keep your system as safe and secure as possible, the Action Center can help you be on top of everything, at all times.

We hope you've enjoyed our selection of articles for this week. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to use the form below.