Best of the Web for Windows Users – 20 - 26 May 2013

Microsoft news this week was full of the much anticipated launch of the Xbox One and many lead IT sites took a stab at analyzing its hardware, features and where it stands when put up against its number one rival, the PlayStation 4. Microsoft also launched a new type of mouse that comes with a Start button and decided to make peace with Google and work together on a new YouTube app for Windows Phone. IBM's Watson might soon replace inferior automated customer service systems and Yahoo Mail provides one of the most popular Windows 8 apps. For links to these stories and more, read this week's episode.

The Best Tech Related News

First, the most interesting news of the week:

Wired Exclusive: Xbox One Revealed! - Wired was the first to provide an in-depth analysis of the Xbox One, covering everything from hardware to design and features. They also had access to exclusive information and demos that were not shared with other websites. For the most complete overview available you should read their presentation.

The Xbox One: Hardware Analysis & Comparison to PlayStation 4 - A serious hardware analysis - Anandtech took a close look at every component of the new Xbox One and how it stacked up against its main competitor, the PlayStation 4.

Microsoft and Google working together on new YouTube Windows Phone app - After some intense bickering between the two giants, Microsoft and Google have decided to shake hands and work together on an updated version of the YouTube Windows Phone app. However, Google's demands may cripple the new full functionality Microsoft has been boasting about in its new YouTube app.

IBM Watson on smartphones to make customer service bots less annoying - IBM announced that the "Watson Engagement Advisor", software that will allow businesses to replace their current automated customer service systems, is based on the Jeopardy-winning Watson and because of this, presumably, is much smarter. Ars Technica concludes that there's no way to make these services worse so it can only bring a positive change.

What Yahoo and Acer can teach Windows 8 app developers - A report from Soluto on the usage of Windows 8 apps found that the most popular apps are not actually from Microsoft, but Yahoo and Acer.

Announcing Sculpt Comfort Mouse & Mobile Mouse - The Sculpt Comfort Mouse, a companion to the Sculpt Comfort Keyboard announced last fall by Microsoft, has a Windows button that will take users straight to the Start screen.

ITC says Microsoft did not violate Google patent - Microsoft won a round in a complex patent war when the International Trade Commission said the company's popular Xbox entertainment system did not violate a patent owned by Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility.

The Best Tech Tips & Guides

Here are some useful tips and tricks from our friends in the IT blogosphere:

How to Assign Keyboard Shortcuts to Symbols in Excel 2013 - How-To Geek showed their users this week how to create easy-to-remember keyboard shortcuts for symbols in Excel, bypassing the AutoCorrect feature.

Top 10 Paid Apps That Are Well Worth Their Price - Lifehacker have published a great list of paid applications that you should consider. All of them are very useful at what they do.

How to Integrate Dropbox With Yahoo Mail to Send Large Files as Attachments - If you are using Dropbox and Yahoo Mail, you will find this tutorial useful.

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